7 Genius πŸ’‘ Fashion Tips for Women Who Feel Insecure about Their Body πŸ‘  πŸ‘™ ❀️ ...


Feeling insecure about your body is something that most (if not every) woman will feel at some point during their lives, but that shouldn't stop them from enjoying fashion and taking on new trends!

Keep reading for all the latest and greatest fashion tips and comment which ones work for you! ❀️ πŸ‘™ πŸ‘  πŸ•Ά πŸ‘š

1. Opt for Loose Clothing to Hide Insecurities πŸ‘—

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Loose clothing is a great solution for women who feel insecure about their body!2

It will allow you to strategically hide any part of your body that you may be insecure about.

So for example, hide your hips by wearing shift dresses and non-fitted clothes.

This will draw attention away from the area that you're feeling insecure about and help you to feel heaps more confident!

2. Follow Your Fashion Comforts πŸ‘™

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Everyone has those favourite pieces that they love to wear and feel totally comfortable in, so play it safe by sticking to what you love to wear!

With fashion, it's important that you feel totally comfortable in your clothes as this instantly gives us more confidence!

Do you love to wear jeans with Converses when you go out or are you fan of crop jackets and heels?

It's all about following your fashion comforts!

3. Take a Fashion Risk Every so Often πŸ‘ 

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Playing it safe with fashion is good for anyone feeling insecure about their body, but it's equally as good to mix it up a little by taking a fashion risk every now and again!

This doesn't mean you have to go super crazy when trying something new but start with making little, minor changes to your outfit such as swapping Converses with a pair of cute kitten heels or swap that coat for a stylish crop jacket!

4. Shop for Clothes Strategically πŸ‘š

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Although it's super fun to buy clothes just because we feel like it, it's also great to buy clothes for a certain purpose.

So if you feel self-conscious about your legs, for example, keep your eyes peeled for cute maxi skirts and/or dresses, smart black pants or opaque stockings which you can buy knowing that they will serve a purpose and help you to feel less insecure about certain parts of your body!

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