How to Trick Yourself 🔮 into Being a Better Dresser 👗 for Girls Who Suck at Fashion 👎🏼 ...

Not everyone has an eye for fashion and the ability to pull together a great outfit on a whim! In fact, staring into your closet every day, bored of the same old clothes you always reach for, is a recipe for an uninspired mess--even for the most seasoned fashionista! Luckily, there are some ways you can dress better even if you actually suck at fashion! Keep on reading for a fresh outlook on your daily wardrobe choices. 👗👖👠

1. Look for Inspiration 🙇

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One of the best ways to become a better dresser is to find inspiration and mimic what you see! Pinterest and Instagram are perfect resources for outfit/style inspiration. Fashion blogs are great to keep up with and learn about what's trending. Do you have a friend with killer style? Talk to her and pick her brain for style advice!

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