How to Fake Curves if You're Cursed with a Straight Figure ๐Ÿ“ ...

It can be depressing to not have the curves you want.

But donโ€™t despair!

Thereโ€™s lots you can do to fake curves.

In fact, no one but you will ever know the difference.

1. Wear a Push up Bra

Wear a Push up Bra

One of the easiest things you can do to fake the curves youโ€™re dreaming of is to wear a push up bra.

Push up bras can make you look like a B or a C cup when youโ€™re really an A.

Thereโ€™re many different levels of padding now so you can choose whatever level you feel most comfortable with.

Push up bras also come in full coverage, demi, racerback, halter and many other styles.

Youโ€™ll be amazed how much of a change this gives your figure.