Guaranteed Fashion Hacks to Make Your Stomach Always Look Flat ...


Guaranteed Fashion Hacks to Make Your Stomach Always Look Flat ...
Guaranteed Fashion Hacks to Make Your Stomach Always Look Flat ...

Fashion lets us create the illusion that parts of our body (that we may want to hide or feel self-conscious about) are either smaller or larger than they actually are, depending on what we want to achieve! This is especially good for anyone who wants their stomach to appear flatter. Keep reading for great fashion hacks to make your stomach look flat ✌️ ❤️ ✨

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Opt for Oversized Tops and Shirts

clothing, turquoise, denim, leather, bag, Due to the looseness, tops and shirts are super forgiving - great news for all those wanting to create the illusion of a flat stomach!

Wear an oversized top untucked, particularly ones of a longer length as they will typically end around your hips and therefore conceal more of your stomach!


Be Strategic with Colours

clothing, pink, snapshot, sneakers, footwear, The last thing you want is to try and draw attention towards your stomach, right? This means you should be strategic where you place colours in your outfit and do this by keeping them either above your stomach (waist and bust area) or below (hips and legs area).

As well as this, it's great to have a dark colour around your stomach area as this will help to keep attention away and conceal it, causing it to appear much flatter!

For example, you could choose to wear a black and white striped dress (the ones with wide stripes), where the white is at the top and bottom of the dress and the black is around your stomach area.


Keep Accessories Away from Your Middle

clothing, cocktail dress, model, photo shoot, dress, No matter how much you love to wear belts, it's good to remember that adding any accessories around your middle or stomach will draw attention to this area of your body!

Avoid falling into this trap by strategically placing your accessories, such as wearing a statement necklace or a pair of dangly, colourful earrings.

This will keep all the attention to your upper half which will help your stomach to blend into the background and go unnoticed.


Try Straight Cut Jeans and Pants

clothing, jeans, denim, snapshot, sneakers, Super fitted pants aren't very forgiving as they tend to hug your body, so avoid this by wearing straight cut pants which don't follow your curves and expose a stomach you want to stay hidden!

The straight, simple cut will make your lower half all appear the same size and therefore makes your stomach appear much flatter, since it will all be the same shape.


Wear Wrap Styles

clothing, leg, thigh, abdomen, miniskirt, If you like wearing dresses and skirts, opt for a simple but effective wrap style which is amazing for giving the illusion of a flatter stomach!

An extra tip is to choose one that has ruching around the middle to help conceal your stomach and a tie that can be tied on the side to maintain the balance of fabric around your body.


Be Bold in a Blazer

clothing, formal wear, costume, jacket, tuxedo, Blazers are brilliant for concealing a stomach since they are able to be wrapped around this area and the thicker fabric will help conceal your stomach underneath!

Opt for a fitted, tailored style of blazer which has the ability to emphasise and define your waist and therefore takes attention away from your stomach area.


Choose Flare over Fitted

clothing, snapshot, dress, footwear, leather, To make your stomach appear much flatter, it might pay to avoid wearing super clingy and tight fitting skirts and dresses such as bodycon style, since the tight and clingy fit will only emphasise your stomach.

To avoid this, opt for skirts and dresses with a flare (skaters styles are great) since they will give you shape around your legs and not around the stomach area!

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Of course I got the message, but it looks way different on a size 12 than on a 0 or 3, knowing that the average size of the American women is 16.

None of this posts encourages body positivity. Body positivity is wearing whatever you think looks good and feels good without trying to hide something because the media thinks it looks bad. Again, for any visual learners (which it's estimated over 60% of

I think these tips work for most. Every "body" is different, so some work better than others.

Hard to imagine when you're a size 12

The "message" behind the article? It's an article repeating tips on how to make your belly look smaller, its not on self acceptance or self love or anything remotely positive, its literally about hiding something bc of what a million dollar industry thinks

As someone with a 'visible belly', I find belts extremely flattering - big belts act like comfy corsets that cinch me in a little whilst thin belts give the illusion of dividing the area in half and distracting from the protruding roundness of said area. P. S. as had been said, the photos could have been more relevant to the article!

Why don't you actually show us women with bellies, instead of stick models?

This is bs

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