7 Most Stylish TV Characters ...


The most stylish TV characters often become entrenched in pop culture.

They set new trends and inspire us to experiment with fashion.

Their wardrobes can also play an important role in telling their stories.

From the fashion forward looks of Sex &

The City’s Carrie Bradshaw to the polished outfits of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, their styles have often defined certain moments in TV culture.

Take a look at just a few of the most stylish TV characters from past and present.

1. Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw was a style phenomenon.

There’s no doubt that she’s one of the most stylish TV characters of all time.

Her wardrobe was the stuff that our dreams were made of.

Some of her outfits have even become iconic symbols of pop culture (like *that* tutu outfit).

While we look back on some of her outfits now as being a bit kooky, at the time they were all sorts of fashion forward.

2. Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl is one of the most fashionable shows on TV.

The character of Blair Waldorf has become a runaway style icon.

As Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe is full of high end designer duds.

Her style is always polished and put together, with a bow headband being her trademark accessory.

3. Summer Roberts

Summer Roberts

Before Gossip Girl’ there was The OC and before Blair Waldorf’s spoilt rich girl act there was Summer Roberts.

While she started off as Marissa Cooper’s sidekick, she quickly came into her own.

Her style was California cool with boho tendencies, which pretty much summed up fashion at the time of The OC’s popularity.2

4. Jess Day

Jess Day

Better known as The New Girl, Jess has an ‘adorkable’ fashion sense.

Her quirky, offbeat style is a reflection of her equally quirky and offbeat personality.

Her outfits tend to be feminine, vintage-inspired, and with a pinch of hipster to boot.

Her outfits are wearable and could be easily recreated by viewers, which definitely adds to their appeal.

Betty Draper
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