8 Reasons to Love Accessories and Always Count on Them...


I can name over 100 reasons to love accessories, but I must say accessories are a girl’s best friend.

Accessories do what makeup and clothes really can’t.

They have their own language, in my opinion.

People like to say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ but they forgot about the rest of the category...

oh well!

Here are just a few reasons why you should love accessories, if you don’t already...

1. Drab to Fab

One of the reasons to love accessories is because they have power.

The right accessories can truly take any boring outfit and make it fun.

Sometimes dress codes prevent us from being as glamorous as we’d like, but most of the time our accessories can say what we can’t - or aren't allowed to - with an outfit.

2. Fun

Fun is just another one of the reasons to love accessories.

Accessories allow you to be carefree and sometimes they allow you to put minimal thought into an outfit.

Accessories are just fun!

Every girl just wants to have fun, right?

3. Necessary

Sometimes certain accessories are necessary;

which is another one of the reasons to love accessories.2

If you’ve ever watched any type of debate, notice that the speakers all have on a brooch or pin of some type.

The accessories make a statement without trying too hard.2

Learn the accessories rules, and embrace them!

4. Bold

Bold and beautiful is one of the top reasons to love accessories.

We know that accessories are all about making statements, but sometimes it’s more than that.

Sometimes accessories scream ‘I’m fabulous’ and what lady wouldn’t love that attention?


we like the attention.

5. Cheap

At times we can’t always afford expensive jewelry so cheap accessories are another one of the reasons to love accessories.

Accessories are truly an array of different things.

Also, accessories like costume jewelry can be super cheap!

Think about how much you’d like to spend and then pick out your accessories.

All I can say is, "Accessorize my sweet!"

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