8 Sweet Holiday Themed Sweaters ...


Holiday themed sweaters usually get a bad rap.

Snowman knits?

Reindeer motifs?

They’re not what you’d usually associate with fashion and style.

However, the recent trend towards novelty sweaters this season makes the holiday themed sweater a bit more acceptable.

Try a simple printed motif or a stylish pattern to make this trend work.

Embrace the holiday season with these stylish holiday themed sweaters.

1. Star Sweater

Star Sweater

Choosing a loosely themed festive sweater like on with a star print will make it much more wearable.3

When it’s not topping your Christmas tree, make sure it’s on your clothing for a fun take on holiday themed sweaters.

Get your star print fix with sweaters by Richard Nicoll, Wildfox, or BDG at Urban Outfitters.

2. Crystal Embellished Sweater

Crystal Embellished Sweater

Add a bit of sparkle to your look with an embellished sweater this holiday season.

It doesn’t have to be over the top embellishment either, like this Topshop sweater shows with its sparse mixed crystal details.

One the higher end of the price spectrum you can expect to shell out anywhere from $100-$500 for version by Topshop or Meadham Kirchoff.

You can, however, find similar, more affordable styles from Urban Outfitters and Dorothy Perkins.

3. Fair Isle Knit Sweater

Fair Isle Knit Sweater

The Fair Isle print is pretty typical of festive and holiday themed sweaters.

They’re also a great way to incorporate prints and patterns into your winter outfits.

From a couple of hundred dollars for a Proenza Schouler number to more affordable versions from Old Navy and Topshop, there’s a Fair Isle sweater to suit all budgets.

4. Reindeer Print Sweater

Reindeer Print Sweater

The reindeer is the animal of the season come the holidays so what better way to wear the trend than with a sweet reindeer print?

While this Chinti and Parker reindeer sweater costs a whopping $560, rest assured you can find more budget friendly reindeer sweaters from stores like Modcloth and ASOS.

Gingerbread Print Sweater
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