7 Best New Transitional Coats ...


7 Best New Transitional Coats ...
7 Best New Transitional Coats ...

The transitional times between seasons can be annoying when you’re deciding what to wear in the morning – so here are the best transitional coats to wear when spring finally starts to show itself. It’s a beautiful time of the year – the coldness in the air is just starting to thaw, the flowers are starting to bloom again and everyone seems to be smiling a bit more. So, make the most of it, spend some time out in the fresh air, and take one of these best transitional coats with you!

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Black Biker Leather

Black Biker Leather The biker jacket is always one of the best transitional coats to go for – and it’s even more in this season than it normally is. Plus, it’s a classic item so it’s definitely worth the investment. This one is a great option – wear with jeans and top, or use it to toughen up a girly dress.


Belted Silk Jacket

Belted Silk Jacket Oriental-inspired prints and details are a huge trend for SS13 – and this silk peacock jacket is one of the prettiest I’ve found. Okay, so it’s white and silk, so not that practical. But, as long as you don’t wear it in the rain, use it to take a jeans-and-a-tee outfit to another level.


Classic Trench

Classic Trench The classic trench coat – buying one from Burberry is a pricey option, but the brand is the undisputed king of the trench. A camel trench coat will go with everything and you’ll wear it year after year. It goes over everything, absolutely everything, in your wardrobe. So, maybe it’s worth living on baked beans for the next two months?


Neon Bomber

Neon Bomber Neon and a bomber style – you’ll be the height of fashion with this jacket. And there’s no better way to get instantly cheery than wearing bright, spring colours like this. Roll your sleeves up, wear with a white t-shirt, tailored trousers and heels. Not keen on neon green? Try it in bright coral or stark white.


Print Biker Jacket

Print Biker Jacket This is another investment piece – the biker jacket has been reinvented so many times this season, and this version is one of my favourites. Wear it with jeans to keep it casual, or dress it up with a shirt, chunky jewellery and an A-line skirt. You might try it with a stripe pattern underneath; why not?


Pop of Color Biker

Pop of Color Biker This is the perfect colour for the sunshine – it will look especially good when you’ve got your summer tan. For a great evening look, wear with a black t-shirt, a fitted graphic or floral print pencil skirt and black sandals.


Denim Jacket

You can’t go wrong with the denim jacket. Apparently, even double denim works now… although I would stick to only white or black denim with this jacket, so as to decidedly avoid the cowboy look. But other than that, it will pretty much go with everything! Doesn't it look cute, as pictured here, with a floral-print skirt and plain tee?

I hope there’s something to suit everyone’s taste and budgets here. And at least this means that warmer times are finally coming, right? Do you have any other suggestions? How do you tackle the awkward-weather months?

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Does anyone know what brand jacket, or where to find, buy order, the first black biker jacket?

@SassyBelleWares what's the name of the black biker jacket again?

@elliegibbons where can I find the black biker jacket? I'm dying. Been on a search since you posted this. Lol


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