7 Hot Fall Fashion Trend for Fall 2011 ...


7 Hot Fall Fashion Trend for Fall 2011 ...
7 Hot Fall Fashion Trend for Fall 2011 ...

More than anything else, keeping your apparel trendy and in style is important in your business and social life. Keeping abreast of the latest styles and hottest fads will help you to keep your wardrobe in the fashion loop. Watching the runways, fashion magazines, store front windows and the celebrities are all ways to stay in the know and keep your closet up to date. Supplying your wardrobe with some staples and spicing it up with hot fall fashion trends can keep you looking like a star, and to be the best dressed among your friends. Here are 7 hot fall fashion trends for Fall 2011 you will not want to miss out on.

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Fur is Back!

Fur is Back! Making its grand appearance again this fall will be fur. Be grateful that your grandmother has a closet full because vintage is also coming into play here and her stash will make you quite popular.


Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottoms Good thing we still have some of these tucked away as well. Put away your skinny jeans and slip into these beauties with a little more room to move. Bell bottoms and flared pants will be making a come back with a fashion statement that is louder than ever. Be sure to stock up before the craze hits again.


Bows Are Still Beautiful

Bows Are Still Beautiful This Fall, bows are still frequently spotted on the runway, but they aren't quite the same Lady Gaga hair bow that everyone was wearing last year. Now, bows are seen on belts, tees, and A Line dresses. They are a key aspect of fashion right now, but if you don't use them correctly, it can be a fast fashion disaster. To avoid a fau paux, ditch the hair bows in favor of a pretty shirt with a bow in a colorful print.


Sheer Maxi Dress

Sheer Maxi Dress The Maxi dress has already made its mark on Summer, and now will make an even bigger appearance in the Fall. Fun and affordable, these dresses will be a staple in your Fall wardrobe.


Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces These little treasures can also be found in your grandmother’s jewelry box. With many sassy options, you will love the look the choker gives you and the many options of events that you can wear it to. Chokers are the sweetest compliment to a delicate neckline.



Pleats will be making a big appearance in everything from dresses to shirts and pants. This timeless sewing option gives a big look to a simple pattern and gives your ensemble a pump of pizzazz.


Cuffed Bracelets

These chunky treasures can dress you up for the town and make a bold statement in the process. Dig back in your mother’s jewelry box for this one; she may just be able to hook you up. Don’t forget to shop the vintage flea markets and antique jewelry stores for a chance to spot a piece just right for your arm.

Fall 2011 will make it’s own fashion mark in history by pulling in some blasts from the past. Use these 7 hot Fall fashion trends of 2011 to guide you in creating the perfect look. Having the wardrobe to fit in will be fun and affordable for everyday shoppers and high-end shoppers alike. Start your shopping early, and be ready to rock the runway with your original ensemble this Fall. Which one of these looks are you most excited to wear?

Top image source: denimhelp.com

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Yeah I love chokers!

Ahhh, chokers are coming back. Brings back SO many cringe-worthy fashion memories from junior high!

Am I the only one who thinks most of these are ugly, except for the bow?

That bow shirt is totally adorable! Do you know where I can find it?

Not too crazy about it. The blouse with the bow look unique

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