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7 Stylish Spring Fashion Trends ...

By Sophia

Spring Fashion Trends are something to look forward to after the dreary winter. When we look at spring fashion trends, they’re mostly uplifting and fun. In 2012 we’ll see a mix of both the old and new. Last year’s neon and pastel trends will be reinvented, and futuristic silhouettes will be making an appearance. The following are a few spring fashion trends to keep an eye on.

1 Futuristic

Technology is a big part of our lives these days, and now it’s about to become a big part of our wardrobes as well. Anything with a futuristic vibe this spring will be extremely on-trend. Choose clothes with matte metallic finishes or fabric with a slight shimmer. When it comes futuristic spring fashion trends, look for clothes with slightly more angular silhouettes.

2 Asymmetric Hemlines

A graduated hemline will be your ticket into the style stakes this spring. Whether your hem is shorter at the front and longer at the back or longer to one side, just make sure it’s asymmetric. This trend isn’t really that feasible in winter, but when spring hits get ready to show some leg with an asymmetric hemline.


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3 Oceanic

When deciding on your spring colour palette, look to the ocean for inspiration. Aqua, topaz, and azure shades are where it’s at. Flowing fabrics are perfect for this spring fashion trend as well. Additionally, channel a mermaid and look for clothes with pearl or sequin embellishments – anything that slightly resembles scales.

4 Jungle Prints

Take a walk on the wild side and pick up a piece of jungle print this spring. Look for tropical prints with larger than life motifs. Lush greens and vibrant red and blue hues are where it’s at. However, be sure to stay clear of anything resembling a Hawaiian shirt. Add a bit of animal print in the form of accessories to complete the jungle vibe.

5 Cutouts

Cutouts are going to be bigger than ever this spring. It’s not about the obvious cutouts though – this season is a bit more demure, a bit more peek-a-boo. Laser cut leather garments are a contemporary choice and are a tougher take on this spring fashion trend. Layer a cutout piece over another garment for a less revealing take on the trend.

6 Printed Jackets

A statement jacket will be the hero piece of your wardrobe this spring. The desired shape is the bomber jacket, in a lightweight fabric and sporty cut. When it comes to spring fashion trends, the printed jacket is all about excess. The bolder the pattern, the better!

7 Faded Neons

Faded neon colours are the key to your spring wardrobe. Not quite pastel and not quite neon, these hues are somewhere in between. For this spring fashion trend, stick to lemon, peach, mint, and watermelon shades. A faded neon shirt tucked into bleached denim shorts is one way of creating the perfect sun-kissed look.

Spring fashion trends for this year seem to gravitate around bold, experimental looks. It’s definitely not a time to be shying away from the limelight. However, you can easily incorporate these spring fashion trends into your everyday look simply with the help of a few accessories. What are your hot tips for spring fashion trends?

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