7 Amazing Tips for Accessorizing Your Body Shape ...


How to accessorize body shape and look absolutely perfect despite all those tiny flaws all women stress about so much? Well, believe it or not, that’s entirely possible and all you need to have in mind are a few basic, yet interesting accessorizing tips! Interested? Well, here’s how to accessorize your body shape in the best way:

1. Big Bags VS. Small Bags

In order to accessorize body shape like a pro you will need to acknowledge the power of accessories! Let’s take bags, for example- now did you know that choosing the wrong size bag can be just as bad as choosing the wrong cut or print of your clothes? Yup, I’m talking about proportion and balance! And style experts think that petite women should choose small to medium sized bags rather than their oversized alternatives while curvier gals need to stay away from anything tiny and opt for larger pieces.

Wide Belts VS. Narrow Belts
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