7 Sophisticated Ways to Wear Hot Pants ...


7 Sophisticated Ways to Wear Hot Pants ...
7 Sophisticated Ways to Wear Hot Pants ...

Ways to wear hot pants tend to involve wearing not much at all. The hot pant is making its mark this season, and it seems like one of those things that only a certain few people with the right figures can pull off. I don’t know about you, but there are a range of other things I’d rather be wearing than butt cheek-skimming, tight, short shorts. However, if you’re feeling daring there’s more than one way to wear hot pants in a sophisticated manner. The following are a few ways for wearing hot pants without feeling like you’re baring all.

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Button up with a Blouse

Button up with a Blouse One of the easiest ways to wear hot pants in a sophisticated manner is to pair them with a button-up blouse. If you’re hot pants are made from a stiffer fabric, go with a looser fitting, silky blouse. If you’re wearing silky, stretchy, or sequin fabrics then try a crisp cotton shirt instead.


Get Blazing

Get Blazing For an instantly polished look, you can’t go past popping on a blazer over your outfit. Go for a more fitted style of blazer, and avoid boyfriend styles or anything that’s too oversized - if the hem of the blazer is longer than your hot pants it might look like you’re not wearing shorts at all!


Keep It Tailored

Keep It Tailored One of the ways to wear hot pants without looking too tacky is to stick to tailored styles. Sure, they may be super short, but a turned up cuff or fitted waistband can make all the difference.


Style with Stockings

Style with Stockings If the thought of baring your legs in a pair of hot pants is daunting, try softening the blow by wearing some stockings underneath. Wearing stockings in the same colour as your hot pants will also streamline the appearance of your legs. For example, if you’re wearing black hot pants, team them with black stockings and shoes to create the appearance of longer looking legs.


Watch the Fabric

Watch the Fabric Keep an eye out for hot pants in more luxe fabrics. Denim or stretchy fabrics can end up looking tacky so if you want to keep it sophisticated look to fabrics such as silks and cottons. Leather can also look good but make sure the style is loose and tailored so you don’t come across as a dominatrix!


With Low Heels

With Low Heels Team your hot pants with ballet flats or penny loafers for a decidedly more sophisticated and subdued look. Wearing stiletto heels with your hot pants can end up looking a bit tacky so stick to lower heeled shoes instead.


Keep It Balanced

Keep It Balanced All in all, one of the key things you need to remember when it comes to different ways to wear hot pants is to keep the look balanced. The tighter and shorter the shorts, the more coverage you should have on the top half of your body. When you’re wearing hotpants all the attention will be drawn to your legs so save baring your cleavage for another day.

These are just a few ideas and ways to wear hot pants with a bit more sophistication. Create a polished look by creating a balanced outfit. Do you have another way to wear hot pants that you’d like to add to the list?

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Where are the pictures??

black pants with black leggings and black shoes :/ no thanks! i love the idea of a buttoned-up blouse and the blazer <3

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