7 Amazingly Colorful Trench Coats ...

Colorful trench coats are the perfect spring fashion update that will enable you to look absolutely fabulous even on the rainiest of days! Now, I don’t know about you but a colorful, bright or eye-catching piece of outerwear definitely says it all for me! And here are a few examples of what a fabulous colorful trench coat is supposed to look like:

1. Vince Camuto Double Breasted Trench

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Price: $121.00 at zappos.com
The first on my list of awesomely colorful trench coats is this lovely Vince Camuto piece in fascinating fuchsia! Now isn’t this a perfectly stylish color to wear around town this spring? Strong enough to demand some serious attention, perfectly girly and oh-so-color-block-friendly – I’m giving it thumbs up!

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