7 Art Deco Dresses to Wear ...

The β€˜20s swung their way back onto the style scene with all that jazz in the form of the hottest art deco dresses to wear from the high-spirited era of the opulent fabulous flapper. You can relive the glitzy glamour and romantic drama of the golden jazz age with drop waist dresses, fringe details, art deco designs in geometric shapes and lines along with the sparkle and shine of sequins, shimmery fabrics and lustrous metallics. So drop those waists, shimmy those feathers and swing that fringe, it’s time to transform everyday evening wear into Gatsby girl glam, hearing the roaring β€˜20s roar once more with these 7 art deco dresses to wear.

1. Beaded Art Deco Dress

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Travel back in time to an era filled with all flash and fabulous with beaded art deco dresses. Revisit the glitz and glamour of the 20s with intricate and dazzling beadwork that shimmers and shines in the spotlight for the perfect party ready piece. You’ll be the talk of the town in this art deco dress from Topship at $175 and in other art deco inspired dresses from French Connection, Mango, Hoss Intropia, Fashion Union, Malene Birger and Ted Baker in the $30 to $750 price range.

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