8 Stunning Red Dresses That Make a Statement ...

Stunning red dresses are a great way to spice up your wardrobe. They can be timeless or trend-based but nothing says β€˜statement’ more than an eye-catching red dress. Wear one during the day for a fun, casual look or at night for a really show-stopping number. Want to add some bold red dresses to your wardrobe? Then check out these stunning red dresses, below.

1. Red Skater Dress

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Fit and flare silhouettes are really popular right now. When it comes to stunning red dresses, skater dresses are an easy way to wear the trend. This one from Topshop will set you back $100 but you'll find plenty of similar, more affordable alternatives in stores like Forever 21. Wear them during the day with a cropped biker jacket and ankle boots for a cool and contemporary look.

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