7 Beautiful Vintage Styles to Incorporate Today ...


7 Beautiful Vintage Styles to Incorporate Today ...
7 Beautiful Vintage Styles to Incorporate Today ...

I have to admit, I absolutely love to enjoy and admire beautiful vintage styles. What I love even more is when I find a way to incorporate these beautiful vintage styles into my wardrobe. My Mom tells me I was born in the wrong decade and I tend to agree with her on that. I love vintage styles for their femininity, beauty and elegance. Let’s talk about some vintage styles that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe today.

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Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized Sunglasses Ah, oversized sunglasses. Is there anything else more glamorous? I love them. Thankfully, these make the list of beautiful vintage styles that work well with our modern styles. They are very fashionable today and work well for many different face shapes.


The Red Lip

The Red Lip I love a gorgeous red lip. I think a woman that wears red lipstick is very confident in herself. My absolute favorite makeup is that of the 1940s and 1950s. It makes me think of my favorite time period in history, which is the World War II time period. Try a red lip on and see how it makes you feel; most women find it gives them a bit of a sexy edge.


Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner Oh, liquid eyeliner, how I love thee. This is my absolute favorite way to wear eyeliner. I don’t often get to because of the constraints on my time and how long it takes me to apply it, but I do think it is beautiful. When applied accurately, it is so precise and feminine. I think it lends a dressier look to your everyday makeup. It also pairs perfectly with a red lip.



Pearls Pearls are a staple that every woman should have in her jewelry box. They never, ever go out of style. If you can’t afford real ones, you can find some very nicely made replicas, which is what I have. I often wear mine to church on Sunday mornings. They also go great with a sweater in the winter time. They go with any color and look especially stunning with black.


T Strap Heels

T Strap Heels T strap heels are lovely and go with so many different things. These little vintage pieces are very feminine and really make a dress look lovely. I wear them with dress slacks as well. And honestly, I will confess to pairing them, and other heels, with my jeans from time to time. This vintage style is very versatile.


Wear Dresses More Often

Wear Dresses More Often You know, one thing that makes me sad about our country and culture is that we have really gotten away from dressing up. I love to be casual as much as the next girl sometimes but would really prefer overall that we had a culture that made dressing up more fashionable. Regardless, I tend to dress up quite often and have been known to wear a skirt set or a sundress to the grocery store just because I enjoy it. If you want to truly embrace beautiful vintage style, start by wearing dresses more often. Dresses were a huge part of vintage fashions.


The Pencil Skirt

The Pencil Skirt You know, I have always known that I loved a sleek pencil skirt but I really didn’t know until I started researching vintage styles that this makes the list. Surprise, surprise, huh? It seems like I am drawn to vintage styles even when I don’t know they originated in decades past. This particular vintage style comes from the 1940s. The pencil skirt is very easy to wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Beautiful vintage styles can be mixed in with your current wardrobe when you do it tastefully. What are some of your favorite vintage styles? How do you mix them in with your wardrobe?

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I would agree that our country and culture doesn't dress up much. While in Italy, I noticed a lot of women were walking around in dresses. We look like bums going to the store.

Strap heel and wearing dresses is my fav. Part

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