8 Ways to Be Stylish on a Budget ...


It's a myth that you have to spend oodles of money in order to be stylish. Guest contributor Lola Nicole shares some helpful pointers on how stay fabulous while sticking to a budget.

Sticking to a budget can feel restricting. You may be left feeling like you can't be taken seriously just because you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on the latest trends. But being young and low on funds also has the advantage of being able to take style risks and penny pinch without people even knowing you spent less. Here's a few pointers I've picked up during my style journey.

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Know Your Body and Find Your Style

The first thing in being stylish is knowing your body type and what looks good on you. Don't wear ill-fitting clothes. Know that style doesn't mean being able to afford the name brand outfit in the magazine. It means having your own unique sense of style. Don't be afraid to mix pieces together and experiment!


Thrift Shopping

When some people think of thrift stores they think old, used, outdated items. But I think of the thrift store as a clothing treasure hunt. I love the idea of buying a sweater someone else couldn't fit into or never wore and bringing it back to life with the perfect pair of pumps and jeans. You can quite often even stumble upon name brand clothing, sometimes with the tags still on. They have sale days even at the thrift store where things are half off. Also know that you can wash, dye, cut and DIY your way into a whole new outfit. You just can't go wrong!


Shop Sales

I'm not huge on trends. Unless I'm in love with it, I'm not running out to buy it just because 30 other popular girls can't stop talking about it. I'd rather be sensible about my shopping. And what better way to be sensible than to shop at sales. Also remember to buy stuff off season. It may sound backwards but what's smarter than buying that hot bikini in the winter when it's half off rather than in the summer at full price?


Buy, Sell, Trade

There are thrift stores, consignment shops, (Platos Closet for example), many new phone apps and even Craigslist where you can buy, sell and trade your used clothes for other gently used or even new clothes. It's a perfect way for a girl on a budget to stay stylish and on trend without breaking the bank.



I love me a good DIY. All it takes is some patience and time and you can have a new outfit in no time completely customized to your needs and sense of style. Take a trip to the thrift store and grab some mom jeans that fit you well as high-waisted pants. Cut them into shorts, add some studs, distress them, etc and you've just saved $100 on some on trend high-waisted shorts while spending all of $10.



Your sister, friend, mom or grandma will have something you'd love to wear: those beautiful vintage earrings; that designer purse; or that LBD you've had your eye on. Borrowing can help save money and still have you looking fabulous without even having to spend a dime. The best part is you can always wear it again so it's like you bought it yourself, as long as you take care of what you borrow.


Mix and Match

Turn that summer dress into a fall outfit by adding tights, a scarf and a sweater. Turn those summer favorite high-waisted shorts into a fall outfit by tucking in a long sleeve flannel shirt and adding some fall essentials. Be creative, you don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe for each season if you can't afford it or even if you can. Save money by being creative with what you have. It's what really shows style.


Be Confident

If you have confidence in the outfits you wear, it will automatically draw attention to you and people will gravitate towards wanting to see what you have on.

These points really help me with my budget. Being a young wife, mother and student trying to start my own business is really expensive in itself. Saving money is extremely important and a must for me. I hope these points help you in your style journey!

Always Remember You're Beautiful!

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