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9 Charming DIY Cut-out Tops and Dresses ...

By Meream

DIY Cut-Out Tops and Dresses are wonderful craft projects for those who love to do a bit of fashion crafting. We have here DIY cut-out tops and dresses that are fun to recreate; some will require a bit of sewing but trust me, these are easy projects. Let's check them out, shall we?

1 Skully

SkullyThis fun **DIY cut-out top tutoria**l is brought to us by Cut Out & Keep member, carlyjcais. She shows us how to transform an old shirt into something more stylish and edgy. Bonus: this one is easy because you simply cut out the skull face. How fun!


2 Men's Shirt

Men's ShirtCan you believe that this sassy top used to be a men's shirt? If you wish to take a gander at this DIY cut-out top project, any button down top will do, though. I also think that using a top with fun prints will be all sorts of fab.


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3 Lacy Heart

Lacy HeartFor a cutesy and girly vibe, this is a wonderful DIY fashion project. You will also need an old top (or even a dress!) to make this cut-out piece. For those who think that this is a daunting project, calm your hearts. With the help of Fray Check and basic sewing skills, you will be able to copy this unique top easily.


4 Bow Back

Bow BackThis is a tutorial that will give you pretty bow-like details to the back of your shirt. I think I will do this using one of my old tees. And instead of lace, I might use pretty floral fabric for marking the middle parts of the "bows."


5 Cut-out Sides

Cut-out SidesGot an old dress that could use a makeover? Try this fun DIY cut-out dress. You will need a dress, a ruler, and a sewing machine. The basic steps are cutting a triangular hole to the sides of your dress and then hemming the holes. Easy!


6 Checked Cross

Checked CrossHow sexy! The link below shows you three cut-out top designs but my ultimate fave is this checked cross one. I dig its Goth-like feel.


7 Cold Shoulders

This particular** DIY cut-out top** is inspired by some designer pieces. You have probably seen those. You can buy one or two but you might also want to give your crafty brain some practice using this fun tutorial.


8 Carven-Inspired

Carven-InspiredHere is another cut-out DIY dress inspired by a designer piece of clothing. To make this sexy dress, you will follow only two steps. These are "cut a triangle out; remember to fit and mark before you cut and hand stitch the edges." Done and done!


9 Braided

BraidedIf your taste on cut-out tops fall under risque, you will love this braided tee project. This is great because the "new" tee that you will make can be used as a beach cover-up, too.


Hope you find fantastic tips from this list of DIY cut-out tops and dresses! These tutorials for cut-out tops and dresses will be particularly useful this warm season so happy crafting!

Top Photo Credit: weheartit

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