11 More DIY Belts to Make ...


11 More DIY Belts to Make ...
11 More DIY Belts to Make ...

I have given you a first list of DIY Beltsbut I encountered 11+ more when I searched for other craft ideas to write about. So here we have more belt crafts for you to check out and make. The** DIY belts** we have here range from very easy to somewhat difficult; there is a project here for you no matter your sewing or crafting skill level. Enjoy!

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Eyelet Anthro Knock-off

Eyelet Anthro Knock-off How pretty is this eyelet belt? This was inspired by an Anthropologie belt that cost a pretty penny. Why buy when you can DIY? To help us, we have this fantastic tutorial by Christie. Not only will this tutorial help you make this belt, it will also teach you a tea dying trick.




Scarf This DIY belt tutorial is not for the simple "tie scarf into a belt" maneuver; it will actually teach you how to transform a scarf into a functional belt. Aside from the scarf, you will need a buckle and fabric scraps for this project. Guess what? This tutorial is Anthro-inspired, too.



Printed Fabric

Printed Fabric I gave you a bow belt tutorial from Casey in our previous DIY list but I had to include her here as well. Why? Because the tutorial after the link is a fantastic way to make your very own fabulous belts! I love this how-to, obviously, because it's a great way to make use of fabric scraps.




Rope Here is a nautical DIY belt that is easy and fun to make. The great thing about this is that you can use any fun knot that you like. As long as you end up with two rope strands at the end of your knot, you're good to go. Check out the link for the rest of the tutorial.



Obi Style

Obi Style Here is a DIY belt tutorial that I am most definitely saving and following one of these days. If you have always wanted to make an obi style belt, this fun how-to by Mimi G. got you covered. There's a video, too.




Ruffled This is DIY belt is very pretty, isn't it? I love textures that remind me of flowers so this is my favorite from this DIY list. To make this belt, you will need to cut many "petal" pieces. You then hand sew them to a ribbon and you're done!




Leather This is a favorite from this list as well because it's giving me leather crafts inspiration. If you've never worked with leather before, this tutorial is a great place to start.




Rhinestone The previous** DIY belt** list also had a rhinestone idea. This particular tutorial, however, will not require a rhinestone buckle. The only materials needed for this craft project are ribbon, hot glue, and rhinestones.



Lace Bow

Lace Bow Lace AND bow? Oh my! This** DIY belt** is very pretty that it would be a sin for a fashionista not to make.



Fabric Wrap

Fabric Wrap This DIY belt is somewhat obi-like as well. It wraps in a very interesting way and I think could be a great addition to your wardrobe.



3 Easy Ideas

3 Easy Ideas Here we have tutorials for making three types of belts. My favorite might be the second one. Necklace to belt? Very clever.


Hope you enjoyed this second list of DIY belts. I also hope that you have some crafty fun with these DIY belt ideas.

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