16 Fantastic Flapper Fashion DIY Projects ...


16 Fantastic Flapper Fashion DIY Projects ...
16 Fantastic Flapper Fashion DIY Projects ...

Flapper fashion is absolutely to die for! But you can definitely go over board and put your bank account in a frenzy trying to recreate Daisy Buchanan's classic style. However, luckily for you there are several fantastic flapper fashion DIY projects you can recreate within your price range!

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Bralette Let's start with the very beginning! No flapper look would be complete without some absolutely feminine and gorgeous '20s inspired lingerie beneath the surface! If you are a whiz at the sewing machine, and have some lacy fabric on hand, you can easily recreate this timeless, sexy look!



Fleece Headband

Fleece Headband To complete a DIY flapper look, you may want to include this wide fleece headband. This is fantastic if your part of the world happens to be quite cold for going out without ear protection. Design variation: use shiny silk for the base of the headband, instead of fleece.



Party Dress

Party Dress How cute is this? This is a great flapper fashion DIY project if you are about to attend a Roaring '20s party or you simply feel like adding a vintage-inspired dress to your wardrobe. You might think that this is too costume-y but with just the right amount of confidence, you can wear a dress like this for going out and about.



Daisy Headband

Daisy Headband Do you remember Daisy Buchanan's absolutely stunning diamond headband in the movie? Well, in real life that beauty costs around 200,000 dollars. But if, for some strange reason, that price is a little bit out of your budget, you can always recreate the look yourself!



Woven Headband

Here is another headband idea that will surely complete your flapper girl look. You will need only stretchy fabric and a pair of scissors to make this headband. This is probably the easiest project from this list of tutorials.


Scarf to Dress

Scarf to Dress Can you believe that this dress is made of a scarf? If you can find a wonderfully lacy and fringed scarf, pick some up and turn it into a dress. What Laura did was sew the sides and the shoulders, with the fringe details adorning the hem. Pretty!



Mini Flapper

Mini Flapper If you have a daughter who you'd like to twin with when you're in one of your vintage moods, try recreating this look! All you need are some vibrant feathers, elastic, a button, and felt to turn your baby into a fashionista!


Peacock Headband

Peacock Headband When you think of DIY flapper fashion, you probably think of feathered fascinators. To make this lovely peacock version, check out The Sewing Fashionista's fun tutorial.



Flower Clip

Flower Clip This flower clip is all sorts of pretty. I love the peach faux flower that AshleyAnn used. I also love the fact that you can be very creative with making your flower clip. You can use different-colored lace or feathers, beads, and other embellishments.



Fringe Dress

Fringe Dress One recognizable fashion staple of the '20s is the fringe dress. To make your own, you will need a black slip dress, a few meters of fringe, and a sewing machine.



Feather Skirt

Feather Skirt If you think a fringe dress is too dated, you can make a skirt instead. This is ideal for those who like to pepper their modern outfits with little details reminiscent of the past decades.



'80s to '20s Dress

'80s to '20s Dress Here is another flapper fashion DIY idea brought to us by Laura of Trash to Couture. I bet you can find lots of tacky '80s dresses in the thrift store near you. Give it a surgical operation and make a pretty flapper dress for your next Great Gatsby party.



Ruffled Hem Dress

Ruffled Hem Dress This may be my favorite from this list of flapper fashion DIY ideas. I love the color, the ruffled hem, and that cute bow. I also love that this has a high neck but still looks quite sexy.



No Sew Feather Dress

No Sew Feather Dress You definitely don't need to know how to sew in order to make your own flapper styles. For this look, all you need is a tight-fitting dress, feathers, trim, and fabric glue! Then you can transform your mini dress into a unique and gorgeous look from the roaring '20s!



Blouse to Dress

Blouse to Dress You'll find that refurbishing '80s fashion is actually very helpful when it comes to DIY 20's fashion! To create this look, all you'll need is a beaded '80s blouse and your sewing skills!


T-shirt Dress

T-shirt Dress For a longer, more modest flapper look, you can make a T-shirt dress! Using merely a cotton dress and fringe, you can create an adorable flapper look! Pair it with a pearl necklace and some of the accessories above, then you'll have a classic '20s ensemble!

Before you head out to dazzle a Jay Gatsby type, you might want to do some of these DIY flapper fashion projects first. Unleash your inner roaring '20s girl and have fun! Which of these styles do you want to try first?

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