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Velvet accessories are the ideal way to add some regal touches to your outfit this season. A velvet accessory can add some luxe texture to your look and give it some depth. It could be a velvet clutch, belt, or necklace – they’re all fashionable ways to incorporate this lush fabric into your new season looks. Add a luxe touch to your look with the following stylish velvet accessories.

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Velvet Clutch

Velvet Clutch Work an elegant evening-wear look with velvet accessories in the form of a stylish clutch. Designers like Alexander McQueen (pictured above), Emilio Pucci, Tom Ford, and Miu Miu are all championing the velvet clutch this season. For those of us on a budget, we can pick up equally stylish, more affordable versions at stores like Nordstrom.


Velvet Slippers

Velvet Slippers Smoking style slippers are enjoying a lot of popularity lately, and they’re given a super luxe twist when worn in velvet. Brands like Charlotte Olympia and Penelope Chilvers are masters of the velvet slipper, but look to stores like Modcloth and Topshop for an affordable variety of colors and styles. These shoes from Modcloth feature cute embroidered bows and will set you back around $55.


Velvet Cameo Necklace

Velvet Cameo Necklace A chic way to add some velvet to your look is with a velvet ribbon necklace. This Miu Miu cameo necklace is a quirky and modern take on a classic design. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the Miu Miu one pictured here, either, with retailers like JCPenny, Topshop, and Yoox offering up equally fashionable versions in the $25-$100 price range.


Velvet Trimmed Hat

Velvet Trimmed Hat Top off your outfit with a luxe velvet trimmed hat. Channel a look of days gone by in a cute cloche, like this one from Topshop which has velvet ribbon trims. Alternatively, a fedora or wide brimmed hat would look equally stylish this season. Splurge on a Maison Michel designer hat, or stick to a budget with styles from ASOS and Bloomingdales.


Velvet Belt

Velvet Belt Cinch in a pretty frock with a stylish velvet belt. As far as velvet accessories go this season, a velvet belt may be my favourite of the lot. The Marni belt pictured here will set you back $140 but you can find more affordable styles at Kohl’s and Shopbop, or you could even DIY!

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Velvet Bow Tie

Velvet Bow Tie Add a quirky, masculine-inspired touch to our look with a velvet bow tie. Choose one in an oversized design, like this ASOS bow tie, to team with a pretty button up blouse. Tuck it into a high waisted skirt and team with heels to work a ladylike look. It's the ultimate velvet accessory.


Velvet Scarf

Velvet Scarf Drape yourself in the velvet trend with a luxe scarf. Popular velvet scarves include those by Rachel Zoe but you can pick up more affordable styles at Nordstrom and Modcloth, like the rust colored scarf pictured here.

Add some lush textural elements to your outfit this season with some cool velvet accessories. When considering colors, remember that basic black is timeless but jewel tones are where it’s at this season. Would you wear any of these stylish velvet accessories this season?

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