7 Classic Pieces Worth the Splurge ...


7 Classic Pieces Worth the Splurge ...
7 Classic Pieces Worth the Splurge ...

It can be easy to shy away from splurging on classic pieces, however, you should think twice before you do so. If you spend a few dollars on classic pieces rather than splurging on something well made, the pieces will probably fall apart after a few uses and you’ll be forced to repurchase the classic piece you loved so much. Rather than repeat this cycle a few times and spend a ton of money on poorly made items, splurge on these pieces and your wardrobe will be perfect for years to come!

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A Good Pea Coat

A Good Pea Coat No matter what kind of climate you live in, a pea coat is one of those classic pieces that you need in your closet. Pea coats tie together and complete any outfit much better than a typical, puffy winter coat would, making it an essential for your wardrobe. It’s nearly impossible to find a cheaper, well-made alternative to your classic pea coat, which makes it a necessary splurge in your closet. If you’re feeling uneasy about the price, buy a neutral color like camel or black—you’ll surprise yourself with how often you wear it!


A Nice Pair of Flats

A Nice Pair of Flats Some people may argue that heels are much more important to splurge on than ballet flats, but I disagree. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll wear your ballet flats way more often than a pair of heels you spend a ton of money on, so when you’re looking for new shoes, don’t skimp on your flats budget. Find shoes that are adorable but are also comfortable enough to walk around in for a few hours—you never know what kind of situation you’ll find yourself in, and you don’t want your shoes to betray you!


Black Pants

Black Pants Black pants are an essential piece of anyone’s wardrobe. It may seem easy to just spend a few bucks on any pair you can find, but you shouldn’t. If you spend a little bit of money on badly-made black leggings, you’ll only get a few months of use out of them before they’re falling apart and ill-fitting. You’ll have to buy a new pair, and at the point, you may as well have paid a little bit more for a good fitting pair of black pants!


The Perfect Handbag

The Perfect Handbag No matter what brand it is, every woman should have a beautifully made bag that she absolutely loves to carry. When you’re at stores like Target and Forever 21, it can be easy to buy a ton of purses for the cost it would be to buy one really great purse. However, resist that urge, and instead splurge on one purse you know that you’ll use for years to come.


A Little Black Dress

A Little Black Dress I didn’t understand the hype around little black dresses until I found the perfect one for myself. A little black dress instantly becomes a staple in your closet. It’s the outfit you go to when you have a last-minute commitment, or you just need to look put-together and fast. There are many little black dresses out there, but there are few that are perfect for you, making it worth the splurge!

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Your Signature Perfume

Your Signature Perfume I’m a firm believer that everyone should have a signature scent. We should be reminded of a certain person when we smell a certain perfume in passing. Plus, scents trigger memories. Certain perfumes can take you back to certain moments in your life. It’s very rare to find a scent that isn’t expensive, making your signature scent a purchase worth splurging on!


A Gorgeous Watch

A Gorgeous Watch Although watches are almost completely obsolete thanks to the invention of the cell phone, a gorgeous watch is the perfect statement piece that you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over again. It’s easy to consider it another piece of jewelry, however, that’s simply not the case. If you pick the right watch, you’ll find that it completes all of your outfits in the most perfect ways!

What pieces do you find yourself splurging on? Give your opinions in the comments!

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I got my pea coat from London, and even though it was pricey AUD$250 for me, it was worth spent! Fully lined and always keeps me warm, comes out first every winter!

You know what I would love to see is a few designers to make that are classic for mature women. So many of this clothes are just horrible. You do not have to look like your great, great, grandmother. It like they jump from young to old.

Sorry, to make clothes for mature women, but still has style to it.

I was JUST telling myself I needed a peacoat. I have all listed but that. I guess this is an excuse to go shopping lol

I think a tailored suit is a great investment

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