7 Classic Pieces Worth the Splurge ...

It can be easy to shy away from splurging on classic pieces, however, you should think twice before you do so. If you spend a few dollars on classic pieces rather than splurging on something well made, the pieces will probably fall apart after a few uses and you’ll be forced to repurchase the classic piece you loved so much. Rather than repeat this cycle a few times and spend a ton of money on poorly made items, splurge on these pieces and your wardrobe will be perfect for years to come!

1. A Good Pea Coat

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No matter what kind of climate you live in, a pea coat is one of those classic pieces that you need in your closet. Pea coats tie together and complete any outfit much better than a typical, puffy winter coat would, making it an essential for your wardrobe. It’s nearly impossible to find a cheaper, well-made alternative to your classic pea coat, which makes it a necessary splurge in your closet. If you’re feeling uneasy about the price, buy a neutral color like camel or black—you’ll surprise yourself with how often you wear it!

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