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By Teresa

No matter what kind of phone you have, it can always be dressed up with a few gorgeous fashion accessories, like a new case, holder, or even a phone charger, and that’s where these stores to find fashionable tech accessories will come in handy. As someone who used to sacrifice style for security when it came to tech accessories, finding these stores to find fashionable tech accessories was a little bit of a lifesaver. Not only are these tech accessories stylish, but I’m also sure that they’ll keep my phone safe from breaking!

1 Kate Spade

Although Kate Spade has always been known for being so cute it’s almost sickening, their tech accessories truly take that to a whole new level. Their phone cases are one of the only brands that actually protect your phone while also featuring fashionable designs, and their iPad and laptop covers will truly make you swoon.

2 J.Crew

While J.Crew has great and fashionable phone cases no matter your style, they also sell a variety of tech accessories that will leave you drooling. Somehow, they’ve managed to make power cords fashionable, among other tech accessories that you thought were destined for a life of drab. However, with these accessories in your purse, you’ll never look drab again.


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3 Target

I was recently shopping around the accessories section of Target when I was instantly struck by how adorable all of their tech accessories were. They sell cases that double as wallets and purses, and they even sell passport holders that could hold a few of your favorite tech items!

4 Madewell

If you’re looking to take a more minimalist approach when it comes to your phone case, Madewell is the place for you. However, they also have the handiest tech accessories, like keychain speakers and power cards to charge your phone when you can’t find an outlet. Believe me: both of these tech accessories will come in handy more times than you realize!

5 Modcloth

Modcloth is known for their whimsical and cute clothes, and the same can be said for their tech accessories. Their phone cases are so quirky that you won’t even know where to start when you’re picking out your new phone case. Plus, they even have a variety of unusual accessories, like an actual telephone with a dial and a speaker that looks like a tape player. It doesn’t get much more retro than that!

6 Rebecca Minkoff

While Rebecca Minkoff doesn’t have much to choose from in their tech accessory line right now, what they do have is so chic that you’ll be stunned. First, there’s a bag for your phone. It’s small and compact but so fashionable. She also has charging packs that feature absolutely gorgeous designs. While these tech accessories are a little bit more of a splurge, if you’re really looking to be elegant, this is how you can do it!

7 Best Buy

Best Buy was the original store to get all of your tech accessories, and while you may try to shy away from it to avoid ugly or plain tech gear, you shouldn’t. You would be surprised at just how much variety Best Buy offers when it comes to tech accessories. Whether you’re looking for something stylish or simple, you’ll find it at Best Buy!

Where do you buy your tech accessories? Lately I’ve been searching the Kate Spade sales to find new cases—I got one 70% off a few weeks ago! Give me some tips and ideas on where to look for new tech accessories in the comments!

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