7 Cool Accessories to Wear to a Summer Concert ...


7 Cool Accessories to Wear to a Summer Concert ...
7 Cool Accessories to Wear to a Summer Concert ...

If you need any more reasons to shop, finding accessories to wear to a summer concert is a great excuse! While attending concerts is about the love of music that you share with friends (and the artist), there is certainly no shame in wanting to look your best while you do it. There are plenty of accessories that will complement any look that you are going for. Whether you are rocking a grungy vintage tee or a floral dress, this list of accessories to wear to a summer concert is sure to pique your interest!

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Wired Ribbon-tie Headband

Wired Ribbon-tie Headband This is one of my favorite go-to items when it comes to accessories to wear to a summer concert. When I am going for more of a vintage yet laid-back look, I turn to my red polka-dot headband. The hidden wire inside of the cloth makes it easy for your hair to stay up. If you're hesitant to spend a lot of money on this particular “Through the Wire” headband from Modcloth, eBay has great alternatives with the same results!


Kiss the Ring

Kiss the Ring When it comes to wearing jewelry at concerts, my motto is always “Less is more.” Because I am a bit paranoid, I'd be afraid of losing (or breaking) my favorite gems while dancing. This is why I feel that a ring is the perfect choice to add a finishing touch to any outfit!


Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace The right necklace can turn a simple outfit into a chic look. The key thing to remember about wearing necklaces to a concert is that lighter the necklace is, the better. I never leave my house without my birdcage necklace!


Sweet Shades

Sweet Shades Sunglasses are one of the staples for summer. Obtaining the right shades for your facial structure can make a huge difference! If you really want to embrace this season of beautiful weather, try wearing floral shades.


Chic Glasses

Chic Glasses This alternative to sunglasses fits right up my alley. I am utterly obsessed with wearing glasses; I like how distinguished and chic they make me look and feel. I fully admit that I do not technically need to wear them!


Cool Bag

Cool Bag One of the bags that I have been coveting to get is a Cambridge Satchel bag. Having a sturdy bag at hand that is big enough to fit all of your things (i.e. an umbrella for those rainy days) is essential, especially if you want to avoid checking your things in at the often disorganized coat and bag check! A tote bag is also a great bag to carry to a concert. You will have to make sure that your tote bag can close; otherwise, you will have to avoid jumping around too much in the event your items slip out.


Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes There is nothing worse than being stuck standing in stiff shoes for over five hours. Make sure to wear shoes that you feel comfortable walking in; avoid wearing new shoes until you have broken them in. Your shoes can still look cute while also being functional.

These are the coolest accessories to wear to a summer concert. Wearing any of these is sure to make you look like a concert veteran. Not only are most of these items affordable, they are also easy to carry. Are there any accessories that you can't leave your house without?

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