7 Fabulous Ways to Wear Camo This Summer ...

The ways to wear camo extend far beyond the military. I love wearing camo in the summer even though people usually think it comes in only dark colors. While that is true much of the time, I have seen many styles this season in beautifully bright colored camo. With all that being said, there are many fun and colorful ways to wear camo this summer and keep up with the trends, while staying true to your own personal and unique style.

1. Military Cap

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There are definitely ways to wear camo without being in the military, and coincidentally enough you can even incorporate army styles while still being fashionable. The prime example is a camo military cap because it’s worn all the time in the army and it still looks great with a simple white tank top and jeans when you’re going out on a summer night with your friends. I love wearing camo caps when my hair starts getting frizzy in the heat; I just tuck it all under the cap and voila! I’m blending in using a trendy summer style.

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