7 Eco Friendly Summer Dresses to Stock up on ...


With Summer just around the corner, it's the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe with some gorgeous Eco-friendly Summer dresses. I've rounded up some of my favorite ethically made frocks for beach season. You can look amazing and be Eco-conscious with these stunners. I am pleased to bring you 7 Eco-friendly Summer dresses!

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Synergy Organic Clothing Two-tone Angel Wing V-neck Dress

Synergy Organic Clothing Two-tone Angel Wing V-neck Dress I'm obsessed with everything Synergy makes, but their Eco-friendly Summer dresses are my favorites! I adore this California-based brand and their elegantly Eco pieces. Made with organic cotton and low-impact dyes in Nepal (in accordance with fair trade practices), this semi A-line dress features a gorgeous hand-sewn angel-wing appliqué that looks so beautiful and intricate up close. The fabric feels like pyjamas but the look is all dress! This can be dressed up with heels and a shrug or down with simple sandals and beachy hair! Simple and versatile, this is one of my go-to Summer dresses.


WhiskeyDogWares High Waisted Tea Dress

WhiskeyDogWares High Waisted Tea Dress Emily Miller is the founder, seamstress and designer of the beautiful wares found in this Florida-based Etsy shop, and while I love every unique handmade piece she offers, the high-waisted tea dress is my favorite. Made to order with super comfortable modal cotton, this is another piece that can be easily transformed from an easy, breezy daytime dress to a dolled-up frock for a night on the town. Perfect.


LNBF Grace Tunic Dress

LNBF Grace Tunic Dress This Canadian brand boasts a gorgeous line of sustainable, stylish clothing based on the philosophy their name suggests: Leave nothing but footprints. This tunic dress is made with 95% bamboo fibre (which is certified organic by The Organic Crop Improvement Association), not to mention a light-as-air feel to match its stunning floaty look. The flowing side flaps can be worn loose or wrapped at the front or back of the dress, making this gorgeous striped tunic as multipurpose as it is pretty!


Wellicious Flawless Yoga Dress

Wellicious Flawless Yoga Dress Made from 100% Tencel (the brand name for Lyocell, which is a naturally regenerating, Eco-friendly fabric), this soft, slinky dress has a pretty, subtle sheen, is insanely comfortable and looks adorable! With tank straps and a cute adjustable side. this dress is perfect for the beach, kicking around at home or getting your downward dog on!


Avatar Imports Cotton Two Layer Dress

Avatar Imports Cotton Two Layer Dress The cinch straps and asymmetrical under-layer of this two-toned dress, combined with the earthy color-scheme, make for a beautiful forest fairy vibe! Avatar Imports is certified under Santa Cruz's Green Business Program, and their clothing is made in a safe environment in Nepal. The people who make the clothing are paid an above-average wage and treated ethically. This cotton dress is so unique and comfortable. It's one of my very favorite Eco-friendly finds!


Synergy Organic Clothing Nomad Dress

Synergy Organic Clothing Nomad Dress Synergy makes its second appearance in this feature for a good reason: This. Dress. Is. Gorgeous. Yet another versatile piece from this amazing brand, the Nomad dress is simple yet unique, with its asymmetrical hem and cute cap sleeves. The icing on the cake? This 95% organic cotton dress is reversible, so you can get a different color from the same dress, just by turning it "inside-out." Genius!


People Tree Carey Stripe Dress

People Tree Carey Stripe Dress Made by Swallows (a Fair Trade group that works with women in rural Bangladesh), this 100% cotton, handwoven strappy dress is adorable with its yellow, pink and brown stripes!

I can't wait to break out my Eco-friendly Summer dresses! What will you be wearing this Summer?

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