7 Cool Ways to Cover up at the Beach ...


7 Cool Ways to Cover up at the Beach ...
7 Cool Ways to Cover up at the Beach ...

Cover up at the beach this summer for either sun safety or modesty purposes. Too much time spent in the sun can be damaging for your skin, so it’s always important to have some form of sun shade backup. Alternatively, you may just want that extra bit of coverage at the beach. Covering up at the beach doesn’t always have to be an exercise in dowdy dressing. There are plenty of chic looks and quick fixes you can try. Take a look at how to cover up at the beach with these cool cover up tips.

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Wide Brimmed Floppy Hat

Wide Brimmed Floppy Hat If you’re going to bring a hat to the beach, go for one with a wide brim. A wide brim will not only help cover your face but your shoulders and neck as well. If you’re choosing a straw hat, go for one with a tighter weave as looser ones allow for the suns’ rays to be let in much easier. When it comes to covering up at the beach, a wide brimmed hat is both fashionable and functional.


Colourful Kaftan

Colourful Kaftan A cool, colourful kaftan is a great way to cover up either at the beach or poolside. Depending on the setting, you could go for a simple cotton kaftan or for something with embellishments like beading and jewels. Simply slip it on over your swimsuit and you’re good to go.


Lightweight Shirt

Lightweight Shirt If kaftans aren’t your thing, try a lightweight collared shirt to cover up at the beach with. Since you’ll be out in the sun you’ll want one made from breathable fabric such as linen or cotton. Longer sleeved shirts are better for sun protection purposes, but you can always roll the sleeves up. Wear it open over a bikini, and button it up and team it with denim shorts for a beach to bar look.


Large Shawl/Scarf

Large Shawl/Scarf Drape a large shawl or scarf over your swimwear for a quick cover up solution. Tie it over your bust for a cute bandeau look, or around your hips for a quick and easy sarong. Choose a shawl or scarf to complement your swimwear, or go for the seasons’ hottest colours and patterns instead.


Peasant-style Dress

Peasant-style Dress Cover up at the beach with a cute peasant-style dress. What I love about covering up with a relaxed fitting dress is that it can be easily slipped on and off. Peasant styles also fit in with the beachy style of dressing. The best part about this look is that you can dress it up with plenty of jewellery once you’re finished at the beach.



Sarong Sarongs are a great choice if you want to cover up at the beach. They can be worn in a range of ways from tied around your hips to around your neck to create a halter-style dress.


Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella If clothes just don’t cut it, then you may just have to resort to being shaded by a beach umbrella. If you can’t hire one at the beach, you can always bring your own. Choosing one in a unique pattern or colour that easily stands out will also make it easier to locate from far away.

These are just a few easy ways to cover up at the beach this summer. They’re nothing groundbreaking, but they’re all effective nonetheless. What are your best tips for covering up at the beach?

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