7 Trendy Fedoras to Keep the Sun Away ...


I have a weakness this season for trendy fedoras. They’re perfect for spring and summer, because they’re completely on trend, and because they’re great at keeping the sun off your pretty face! If you’re looking for the perfect trendy fedora to go with all your peasant tops and summer dresses, keep reading! Here are 7 trendy fedoras to keep the sun away… and keep you super stylish!

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Steve Madden Fedora with Colored Band

Steve Madden Fedora with Colored Band Price: $28.00 at zappos.com
I love the color combination and contrast between the natural straw and the bright orange! Wouldn’t this look gorgeous with a pair of cargo capris and a matching orange top? Add a pair of wedges and you’re all set!


Kangol Wheat Trilby

Kangol Wheat Trilby Price: $54.00 at zappos.com
Most of my wardrobe is black, and that includes a lot of black summer dresses and skirts. This trendy fedora will match them all! Now, to find the perfect flip-flops to match the sun hat AND my black summer dresses… hmm…


USS Interlock Trilby

USS Interlock Trilby Price: $45.00 at zappos.com
Want to know why I love this trendy fedora? It’s not the choice of two lush straw colors, or the pretty floral-print band… it’s the built-in sweatband, sure to keep you cool all summer long… but yes, I love the band, too…


Goorin Brothers Turtle Bay

Goorin Brothers Turtle Bay Price: $52.00 at zappos.com
I love this fedora… it looks like it’s straight out of a 1920’s film, all glam and gorgeous! Wear it with a menswear-inspired white blouse and wide-leg jeans for work, or with a shirt-dress and Mary Janes for play.


Mountain Hardwear Women’s Fedora

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Fedora Price: $40.00 at zappos.com
Light grey with turquoise, or dark grey with red? Either way, this trendy fedora will keep the sun away and give every one of your summer outfits a sartorially savvy boost. The color combinations are bold, but not overpowering.


Element Tiki Hat

Element Tiki Hat Price: $29.50 at zappos.com
This trendy fedora looks like it was made for a day at the beach, floppy but still shapely, with a wide ribbon band finished with a simple bow. It’s available in sun-washed black or natural-looking straw. Both are so pretty, how will you choose?


Jessica Simpson Flower Hat

Jessica Simpson Flower Hat Price: $38.00 at zappos.com
So pretty and feminine, but still so effective at keeping the sun away! This trendy fedora has a sweet western feel, with a pretty straw flower on the band and a wider-than-usual brim. Wear this with a white sundress on a date… so lovely, you’re sure to get his attention!

With so many pretty, trendy fedoras to choose from, how will you select just one to keep the sun out of your eyes? I especially like the last one, with the flower, and the one with the turquoise plaid band, but what about you? Or have you found another trendy fedora you’ve already fallen in love with?

Top Image Source: weheartit.com

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