8 Fashionable Ways to Update Your Work Wardrobe for Summer ...


8 Fashionable Ways to Update Your Work Wardrobe for Summer ...
8 Fashionable Ways to Update Your Work Wardrobe for Summer ...

Now that summer is around the corner, have you thought about ways to update work wardrobes for the warmer weather? Awesome, I’ve got you covered! I found 8 fashionable ways to update your work wardrobe for summer to keep you looking cool and feeling confident in and out of the office! Keep reading to get the scoop on what’s hot for summer!

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Get Loud

When it comes to updating your work wardrobe, feel free to get loud with color! As long as your office doesn’t have a strict dress code when it comes to color, incorporate color everywhere! Shun those dull and drab winter colors for bright and cheery pastels and neon colors. Wear a bright top, brightly colored jewelry or rock some colored denim if it’s allowed. Wearing bright colors will not only update your work wardrobe for summer, it’ll put a smile on your face too!


Play with Prints

You don’t have to wait for summer to update your work wear with fun prints and textures but it’s a great way to add some interesting patterns to your everyday garb. Look for blouses and tops with a whimsical design like fun florals or try on some collared shirts with textures and details. When you look good you feel good and adding some pieces with interesting features is sure to brighten up your day!


Get Blazed

Update work wardrobes with brightly colored blazers to jazz up a color conservative office environment. Neon blazers are fun and really break up the monotony in your work wardrobe. If neon is too much, look for cobalt blue, tangerine or a patterned blazer with a modern cut to refresh your work wardrobe and display your dazzling personal taste. Classic blazers are great, but there’s nothing like adding an unexpected pop of color with a blazer!


Skirt the Issue

Go ahead; renovate your predictable office attire with carefree summery skirts! Updating your work wardrobe with pretty patterns, a mullet skirt, pleats or foxy fabrics that show off your gorgeous stems and radiant faux tan is a great way to update a dreary winter wardrobe. Your options are endless when it comes to keeping cool whether it be a classic pencil skirt, A-line skirt or even breezy maxi skirt to channel an island look!


Cover up with Cardigans

Cardigans can update work wardrobes instantly by pairing it with a cheery summer dress, covering up a bright tank or just by adding some color to an otherwise drab office outfit. Most offices have the AC cranked up in the summertime and although the breeze is appreciated, sometimes we need a light cover-up to get comfortable and that’s the perfect excuse to add some color, layers or juxtaposition to a look than with a cozy cardigan!


Hand It to Handbags

Handbags are a chic accessory that also serves to give your office attire a facelift for the warmer weather. Purses can really make an outfit and adding a canvas, straw or colorblocked bag can immediately add a touch of summer fun to any look. Have fun with your handbags, use a cute straw bag that reminds you of the beach or choose a fashionable neon and neutral crossbody bag to liven up an all-black suit, it’s all up to you!


Accessorize Your Life

Updating work wardrobes with summery accessories really spices up neutral or dark palettes of color. Stack some colorful bracelets to add a boho chic vibe or rock a chunky cocktail ring to show off that new mani and get in the happy hour mindset early! Layer some delicate necklaces, slip on some dangly wooden earrings, sport a mint green watch-whatever catches your fancy. The right accessories can turn your lackluster work outfit into wearable art!


Add Feminine Mystique

When looking to update work wardrobes, choosing a feminine blouse will liven up any basic suit or wear-to-work bottoms. What’s more charming than a top adorned with feminine elements like ladylike lace, romantic ruffles or flirty florals?! Show off your girly side and soften up masculine pants with tops embellished with feminine details and fall in love with work wear again!

Updating work wardrobes for summer doesn’t have to be super expensive or complicated! You can refresh any wardrobe using these 8 tips and you’ll look forward to getting ready for work every day! How do you like to update your work wardrobe for summer? Do you have any summer staples that you like to wear to work; I’d love to read about it!

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