7 Creative Ways to Take Your Look from Day to Night ...


7 Creative Ways to Take Your Look from Day to Night ...
7 Creative Ways to Take Your Look from Day to Night ...

Are you looking always looking for new ways to take your look from day to night? I know I am! I have compiled a few tips that will help you achieve the look you want! If you incorporate some of these tips into your style, you’ll be day time fab to night time glam in no time! So, here are some of my favorite creative ways to get you looking gorgeous when you take your look from day to night!

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Let Your Hair down

Let Your Hair down While at work, it’s easier to have your hair tied so it’s not in the way. But, not at night. It’s supposed to be wild, fun, flirty, and sexy! So, for you to have soft, luscious, carefree waves at night, try wearing your hair in a tight bun or chignon and let it loose at night! People will love that you can take your look from day to night in such a simple way!


Change Your Makeup

Change Your Makeup A lot of women keep their makeup bag handy in case they're on the go and need a makeup change if they’re staying out late. That’s such a great idea! At work you’re most likely wearing more natural or muted makeup. But, at night, you can be as colorful or smokey-eyed as you want to be. It shows your playful side and your personality. So, bring the funky eye shadow, mascara and lipstick with you!


Bring a Pair of Nice Shoes

Bring a Pair of Nice Shoes You don’t want to be walking around in the shoes you went to work in all day, do you? Unless of course they were fabulous, then by all means! If you’re more of a simple dresser for work, try bringing a fun, cute, or colorful pair that works well with your outfit with you! That simple change can take your look from day, into a night out on the town!


Wear a Pretty Blouse or Dress

Wear a Pretty Blouse or Dress This should seem obvious, but you don’t want to be wearing a frumpy shirt that does your figure little justice! If you know you’re going out later, try wearing a blouse or dress with a pretty print or cut. If you can’t, at least make sure it’s clean, crisp and fitted!


Carry a Cute Purse

Carry a Cute Purse You purse says a lot about you. If you’re going out, you’re going to want your purse to match your outfit. Before leaving, try finding a bag that matches, is modest, but still has enough flare for night time. A cute clutch would be even better!



Accessorize If your job doesn’t allow flashy jewelry, try bringing it with you! Those new earrings or the collar necklace you got could give you just what you need to spice up your outfit! For safe keeping, try not to jumble it up with everything else in your bag. Keep it in a safe place, so it’s wearable and gorgeous!


Add Pops of Color

Add Pops of Color Little of bits of color are always a great way to change up your look. Wearing a monochromatic outfit or one lacking in the color department is no fun. Pick one item of clothing and make it bright! It could anything from your pants, scarf, socks to your accessories. Color adds chic dimension and personality to every outfit.

If you get stuck at the office a little late, and have no way of changing, these tips for switching up your office style for one that works at night should surely help. I’ve used some of them, and they’ve worked great. I always end up looking fantastic, which I’m sure will be the same for you. Are there any tips you’d like to share on how to take your look from day to night?

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