7 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Tie-dye and Stand out in a Good Way ...

Even if you are conscious of standing out in a crowd, there are many beautiful and fun ways to wear tie-dye that will make you the classy bell of the ball while still looking fashionable. Even though my generation is far beyond being the '60s flower children our parents were, we can still take away multiple fashion tips from the amazing people who raised us. One of those awesome tips is incorporating tie-dye into our daily wardrobes-without looking too silly or ridiculous. So without further ado, I would like to introduce the modern compilation of the many ways to wear tie-dye!

1. Headband

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Some people think headbands are for little girls but I love wearing them, and honestly, one of the coolest ways to wear tie-dye is in a headband. Headbands like the one pictured can be found at almost any clothing store and even in the hair section of your local pharmacy or supermarket. Headbands serve multiple purposes, one of which is keeping your hair tamed (especially when you’re having a bad hair day), so why not keep things fashionable by making one of your headbands a tie-dyed one?

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