7 Super Stylish Ways to Wear a Crop Top like an Adult ...

How do you wear a crop top? It seems the look has changed drastically from the tweenage style back in 2001, when Britney Spears was rarely seen without her midriff out, and everyone teamed bold crop tops with low-slung trousers and very little fashion knowledge. This time round, the trend is a lot more sophisticated – and a lot less revealing. Here are some great ways to wear a crop top without looking like you’ve reverted to being a teenager (or are having a midlife crisis!).

1. Get Tying…

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Want to see if you could wear a crop top without splashing out in one? Go retro, and choose a full-length top that you already own. Then tie it up, and wear it with a midi skirt or trousers. Not only will you get to see if you like wearing a crop top, but you’ll capture that traditional holiday look, and you get loads of control too. It’s definitely worth giving it a go to see what length crop top you like, if nothing else.

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