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7 Cute Maternity Shirts ...

By Elizabeth

Maternity clothes used to be dreaded by the expectant mother. The clothes were shapeless and plain. Gone are those days! Now, maternity clothes are ultra cute and make wearing maternity clothes fun! Still hesitant? Read on to find 7 cute maternity shirts I've found online!

1 Cream Floral Trapeze

Cream Floral TrapezePrice: $34.98 at
I love the slightly vintage flair this top has. The lace neckline and the beautiful creamy colors make this a great choice for the spring weather! And even with the 3/4 sleeves, with this being such thin fabric, you'll have no problem staying cool, not to mention fashionable!

2 Scoop Neck Tee

Price: $26.98 at
See? Even maternity t-shirts have an awesome flair to them! Jersey knit and super adorable, this burnout design t-shirt is sure to become your favorite with that cute pair of jeans!


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3 Gap Bubble Top

Gap Bubble TopPrice: $44.50 at
I'm loving this top! In style and "mamalicious" all in one! The bow at the neckline makes this top perfect! With this choice, you can be comfortable and very much work-ready! Who says a pregnant women can't strut her stuff?

4 Linen-Blend Cardigan Sweater

Price: $20.00 at I love open-front cardigans, and this is no exception! This sweater if perfect for the spring weather right now and the early fall weather. It comes in green and white, and is perfect layered over a cami or t-shirt. In my opinion, it can be dressed up with a pair of black dress pants or dressed down with a pair of jeans! Got to love that!

5 Cream Elbow Sleeve Dolman Sleeve Maternity Blouse

Cream Elbow Sleeve Dolman Sleeve Maternity BlousePrice: $250 at
Check this gorgeous piece out! I know it's a bit pricey, but just look at it! It's beautiful! I love the embroidered look on the sleeves! And it must be so incredibly comfortable! If you're planning on splurging on maternity clothes, this is a good place to start!

6 Maternity Ruffle-Trim Tops

Maternity Ruffle-Trim TopsPrice: $17.50 at
If you like cheap, soft and full of ruffles (like I do), this top is certainly for you! This is a perfect choice for this spring and summer! It's lightweight and has an elasticized waist so it's sure to fit great!

7 Maternity Sheer Peasant Top

Maternity Sheer Peasant TopPrice: $29.94 at
I love this! Anything feminine and pretty is perfect in my eyes. For me, the gathering at the bottom of this adds the perfect finishing touch to it. And the ruffles at the neckline take the cake, don't they?

For me, maternity clothes are a way for me to explore new styles and clothing choices that I might not otherwise. And some styles stay with me long after the pregnancy ends. I found I love the tunic look after being pregnant with Logan, and have kept it as part of my wardrobe. Who knows what you'll find you like, right? So why not take these 7 maternity shirts as suggestions, and shop around until you find what's perfect for you!

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