8 Great Spring Skirts ...


8 Great Spring Skirts ...
8 Great Spring Skirts ...

Skirts, skirts and more skirts! Spring is the time to break out the loose and flowing things and let them legs show! Here are a few of my picks for the spring season... here are 8 great spring skirts!

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Maxi Skirt by Old Navy

Maxi Skirt by Old Navy Price: $24.94 at oldnavy.gap.com
There is nothing so feminine as a long, flowing skirt, fluttering in the breeze on a beautiful, spring day! I love this type of skirt, because they're so comfortable and soft! Plus, this style can be worn as a tube dress or a skirt, so you've got lots of possibilities!


Floral from Gap

Floral from Gap Price: $24.99 at gap.com I fell in love with the colors represented in this lovely skirt! It says "peony floral" but I think it kind of reminds me of bright blue pansies more. Whatever the flower used, this is definitely something for you if you have those long legs to show off! Wear with a creamy cardigan tights now while it's cooler and a sleeveless and bare legs when you're tanned and hot!


Loveappella Knit Maxi Skirt

Loveappella Knit Maxi Skirt Price: $44.00 at piperlime.gap.com
Here's another one of those maxi skirts that I love so much! One thing I find most appealing about these is that, I hate wrinkles - my iron is my best friend. But with these skirts, I don't have to worry about the iron, or wrinkles! That's the life to have!


Tinley Road Linen Ruffle Mini Skirt

Tinley Road Linen Ruffle Mini Skirt Price: $39.00 at piperlime.gap.com
If you're looking to grab someone's attention, this is surely the skirt to do it in! Pair this gem with the perfect top and shoes, and you're going to be turning heads left and right! Just don't wear it to work - you don't want to get in trouble for causing too many people to lose concentration on their work!


Vista Skirt

Vista Skirt Price: $54.00 at athleta.gap.com
If I weren't pregnant, I'd probably be buying one of these for myself! I love the little embroidered design on the hip! It comes in four colors, though I find the lilac most lovely for spring. What do you think?


Sonata Skirt

Sonata Skirt Price: $49.00 at athleta.gap.com
The reviews on this skirt were incredible. Everyone talked about how versatile it was, about how you can wear it to work, wear it on the beach, to yoga classes, out to dinner, etc. That's an all-purpose skirt, wouldn't you agree? And you have got to love the beautiful hemline this skirt offers, yes?


Whatever Skort

Whatever Skort Price: $49.00 at athleta.gap.com
Again, if I wasn't pregnant, I'd be getting at least one of these. The length is perfect, and you have to love the combination of the feminine flow of the skirt and the extra coverage of the shorts. This would be perfect for your outdoor activities, or even chasing your little one around outside! Like it's title says, wear it for whatever you like!

I love skirts, as I'm sure you can tell. I hope you found my list helpful. Do you have any to add? Anything to say? Please, feel free to comment below!

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Indeed :)

It's summer, currently, not spring.

despite my experiences with skirts this past week (like tucking it in the underwear, or having it blow up) i still love them and these are cute :)

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