8 Animal Print Must-Haves ...

Animal Prints are one of those things that always come back, regardless of your or anybody else’s opinion about them! I, for example used to hate animal prints when I was a teen and it took me a good couple of years to understand that they aren’t a bold, yet often tacky fashion statement but something that’s worth investing in! And here are a few animal prints that could save the day and glam up just any outfit:

1. Leopard Leather Belt

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Price: $40.00 at us.topshop.com
Use this belt on your cardigan, favorite pair of jeans or a day/evening dress this season and you’ll be the hottest little kitty that walked down the street! Hairy classic-leopard accent and gold-tone buckle certainly have enough sass to glam up and dominate the outfit without being inappropriate, tacky or in any way too much for your delicate taste.

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