8 Delightfully Warm and Stylish Pieces to Pack for a Mountain Vacation ...

An upcoming Mountain Vacation is the perfect excuse to shop for warm, cozy wardrobe and if you thought that shopping spree will turn out to be less interesting than all previous ones, you’re totally wrong! You see, clothes you choose to pack for your mountain vacation can be just as chic and just as stylish as the one you’d wear everyday and I’m going to show you exactly how so. Remember, there is more to it in mountain vacation than just skiing and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your fabulous winter style. Are you ready, then? Well, let me suggest a few pieces that are neither too dressy not too casual and should, as such, prove to be as perfect as you could ever wish:

1. ASOS Fake Fur Mittens

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Price: $18.87 at us.asos.com
Fake fur is extremely popular this year and these interesting mittens will sure keep you warm and stylish anywhere! Is there a better way to introduce a bit of fashion, style and popular trends into a busy day in the city or relaxed mountain vacation with your beau? I absolutely love ‘em, that’s for sure and if you share my feelings, I bet you’ll like the next suggestion too!

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