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5 Cute Fall Fashions to Keep You Comfy and Stylish ...

By Mariah

If you're like all girls, you're looking for cute comfy fall fashion finds to keep you warm and stylish this season. Cooler weather is right around the corner, but you don't want to give up your style by wearing sweats all the time. Fortunately, there are loads of cute comfy fall fashion ideas to keep you snug and adorable any day of the week. Have a look!

1 Ponchos

fur, outerwear, product, flooring, furniture, Say goodbye to cardigans. They are comfy, but now there’s the poncho. It’s like wearing a blanket around your shoulders, but is also stylish. Pair your poncho with leggings and a long necklace. A poncho is one of the best cute comfy fall fashion trends.

2 Scarves

clothing, jeans, fashion model, scarf, fur, One of my fall outfit go tos is jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt, paired with a thick scarf. Not only do they balance each other well, I stay comfy and not too cold or too hot. Scarves are also my number one answer when trying to make an outfit more fall friendly.

3 Wedge Booties

footwear, shoe, boot, brown, human leg, Oh where would I be without my booties? Perfect to wear with jeans, leggings, and even with tights and dresses or rompers, the bootie is the most versatile shoe of the fall. Paired with cute socks, my feet stay comfy and cute.

4 Hats and Headbands

white, coat, clothing, fashion, outerwear, Like the scarf, these are wonderful to “fall-ize” an outfit. I also tend to have cold ears often as the mornings get colder. A hat or headband is the perfect thing to wear while it’s chilly and then pop in my bag as the day warms up.

5 Flannel Shirts

tartan, plaid, shoulder, tights, snapshot, Few things are as comfy as a good relaxed fit flannel shirt (I even have a few I’ve claimed from my boyfriend’s closet). One of my favorite things about flannels is that they are easy to dress up with jewelry or keep super casual with a tshirt underneath. Also, something about flannel screams for me to be roaming around a pumpkin patch or getting warm by a fire.

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