8 Dresses to Wear to an Oscar Theme Party ...

If you are an avid watcher of the Oscars, you'll more than likely be invited to an Oscar theme party this year! The Oscars, taking place on March 2nd, will feature many actors and actresses hoping to win awards for their performances. The event features red carpet fashion, so why not look your best as well? That being said, check out these Oscar theme party dresses and get ready to celebrate!

1. Plunging Sweetheart Skater Dress

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My first pick is a basic dress you can rock at an Oscar theme party (or any other party for that matter!) It not only features a sexy neckline, but also a feminine silhouette! Ladies, this dress is short and sassy, so definitely dress it up with a sparkly statement necklace and some high heels! Red lipstick and red nail polish would be a fantastic way to pull together the entire look! What do you think?

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