8 Dresses to Wear to an Oscar Theme Party ...


8 Dresses to Wear to an Oscar Theme Party ...
8 Dresses to Wear to an Oscar Theme Party ...

If you are an avid watcher of the Oscars, you'll more than likely be invited to an Oscar theme party this year! The Oscars, taking place on March 2nd, will feature many actors and actresses hoping to win awards for their performances. The event features red carpet fashion, so why not look your best as well? That being said, check out these Oscar theme party dresses and get ready to celebrate. You can brighten up any outfit with a beautiful custom gold necklace.

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Plunging Sweetheart Skater Dress

My first pick is a basic dress you can rock at an Oscar theme party (or any other party for that matter!) It not only features a sexy neckline, but also a feminine silhouette! Ladies, this dress is short and sassy, so definitely dress it up with a sparkly statement necklace and some high heels! Red lipstick and red nail polish would be a fantastic way to pull together the entire look! What do you think?


A Form Fitting Maxi Dress

This sleek maxi dress is a show-stopper! This dress is super glam with a shapely silhouette and open back. Complete the look with a large statement necklace and bracelet, not to mention some jeweled shoes! For the perfect touch, finish the look with smokey eye makeup, and maybe a sleek updo.

Frequently asked questions

For an Oscar theme party, choose a glamorous and elegant evening gown. Think of red carpet looks such as a long, flowy dress, something with sequins or embellishments, or a classic black tie outfit.

It's best to go with a long dress for the full Oscar glam, but if you prefer short dresses, choose one that is fancy and sophisticated to match the glamour of the event.

While there's no strict rule about colors, gold, silver, black, and deep jewel tones often reflect the luxury and prestige of the Oscars. However, feel free to wear a color that you love and feel confident in!

If you don't own a fancy dress, consider renting one or accessorizing a more simple dress with statement jewelry, a sleek hairstyle, and elegant make-up to elevate your look.

Both modern and vintage (like Old Hollywood glamour) styles are appropriate. Choose a style that you feel most beautiful in and that fits the theme of the Oscars.


Print Peplum Dress

Slip into this stunning dress for any fancy occasion! The classic combination of black and white paired with the peplum top creates the perfect outfit! You'll look classy and gorgeous, so be prepared to catch some attention! Don't forget a black clutch to complete the look.


Lace Dress

I think the pink shimmer is the best part of this dress because it sets it apart form other lace dresses. I also love how the the overall lace gives it such a feminine feel! Simple black shoes and stud earrings would be be absolutely perfect, right?! I'd snatch this dress up in a minute; wouldn't you?


Sequin Cocktail Length Dress

I present to you a glitzy sequin dress! This blue tulip dress is super chic and super sparkly! This over-the-top dress is perfect for such a special day, including Oscars day. Pair with silver jewelry and light make-up. How could you go wrong?


Pleated Dress

This dress is for the woman who loves ruffles and pleats! This navy colored floor length dress features rows of pleats down the front of the dress, which boasts a feminine and ornate feel!


Ruched Knee-Length Dress

This dress is so simple, but elegant! I personally love the navy blue hue. Plus, add a cropped cardi to cover the one shoulder, and it can double as a work dress! It features a flattering ruched waistline, too. Rock this dress with a basic pair of pumps!


The ruched waistline not only accentuates your curves but also offers a touch of sophistication to your silhouette. And don't forget about versatility – navy blue is a color that complements almost every skin tone, making it a wardrobe must-have. Whether it's an Oscar-themed party or a night out with the girls, this dress will make you feel like a star on the red carpet. Pair it with sparkling jewelry to highlight its simplicity, or keep it chic with minimal accessories... either way, you'll be turning heads!


Metallic Dress

How could I not include a metallic dress on the list? This shiny gold dress will hug your curves and give and create an hourglass figure. Pair this dress with gold heels and some gold accessories to complete this lustrous look!

Since the Oscars is coming up fast, which dress will you choose? Or do you have another dress that I should have included on this list? Also, do you watch the Oscars? If so, which actor or actress are you hoping will win an award? Feel free to share! I'd love to hear from you!

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Love the sequin and metallic dress, but i agree with you girls there's no real wow factor!

Personally I think that all of these dresses are way too simple for the Oscars.. I was expecting something that would make me go like 'WOW'

Where did you find dresses # 7, 5, and 3?

My friends and I always gather for the oscars in our PJS! this year it falls on my bday so I'm inviting all my girls over, I'm wondering if I should fancy it up

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