7 Cute Skater Dresses for Spring ...

A cute skater dress makes any time of year feel like fun! As winter begins to wind down we move ever closer to that other fantastic time of year: spring! Skater dresses are cute, fun, and versatile. I love winter with all the comfort items and close company it encourages, but I always look forward to warmer weather. There are loads of fun dress styles for spring to choose from. As you prepare for the warmer weather this year consider adding a cute skater dress or two to your wardrobe.

1. American Apparel Point Sleeve Dress

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This Point Sleeve dress from American Apparel is a great example of a cute skater dress for spring. This dress has a simple A-line structure, fitted waist, deep scoop back, and deep side openings. I would wear this with a tank (or massive amounts of double-sided tape) to avoid the ever-scary nip-slip! Ha! Goodness knows we have seen that happen one too many times with celebrities. This dress is pictured in black but is also available in white, true red, peach, citron, syrah, lapis, and dark heather grey.

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