7 Smock Dresses That You Can Wear from Winter to Spring ...

Smock dresses are an easy trend to wear thanks to their relaxed style. They’re the kind of no-brainer dresses that you can just slip on and walk out the door in. Smock dresses are also quite versatile as they’re perfect for layering in winter but are breezy enough to wear during the spring and summer months. Take a look at these smock dresses that will take you all the way from winter through to spring.

1. ASOS Sleeveless Denim Smock Dress

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We can’t get enough of denim right now and this ASOS smock dress is a great year-round option. Like most smock dresses, it has a relaxed silhouette with a gently gathered waist. Layer a long sleeved turtleneck top underneath and wear it with tights and lace-up shoes in winter for a preppy look. In spring wear it alone or with a lightweight cover up for an effortless daytime look.

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