8 Eco Friendly Fashions to Rock on Earth Day ...

When was the last time you checked out eco friendly fashions? While fashion that is kinder to the environment, and to the people who make it, has been a hot topic lately, there’s still some confusion over which brands really are creating the styles we love, and which are missing the mark. Fancy updating your wardrobe with fashion that really helps the earth? Here’s some of the top eco friendly fashions and brands to choose.

1. People Tree…

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People Tree create some of my favorite eco friendly fashions, and they’ve certainly grown in popularity since their launch in the UK in 2001. ASOS made the brand available worldwide, and their stylish designs have been snapped up everywhere since. From floral rompers to polka-dot trousers and printed tops, you’ll find high fashion items that you really want to wear, but in great eco friendly materials. They’ve even got collections designed by actress Emma Watson. I love them, and they are super easy to clean, too!

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