10 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands That Won't Ruin Our Planet ...

By Victoria

10 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands That Won't Ruin Our Planet ...

Fast fashion is a huge drain on our planet’s resources and I think we should all know the best sustainable clothing brands. Those trendy, cheap clothes you see in shops such as Forever 21 or H&M might be affordable, but they will fall apart quickly and will be out of style in a matter of months. Not only that, but their production releases hazardous chemicals into the environment. If you have been wanting to make a difference in the world, one place to start is through purchasing sustainable clothing brands. I won’t lie to you, they will cost a lot more than fast fashion. However, they are far better for our environment, and will last for many years. To me, that is priceless. Here are the best sustainable clothing brands.

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1 Alternative Apparel

clothing, sleeve, neck, shoulder, long sleeved t shirt, Alternative Apparel is probably the most well known source of responsible clothing. Nearly 80% of their garments are made with sustainable materials and processes. They also have a line called “Alternative Eco”, in which every single item is crafted responsibly. Alternative Apparel carries a lot of basic clothing, and most are in solid colors. You won’t find the latest trends on this site, but you will find high quality clothing that will still be classy 10 years from now. You can’t say that about most of the things you find in most mall stores. This is one of the best sustainable clothing brands.

Shop here: alternativeapparel.com

2 Amour Vert

dress, standing, little black dress, shoulder, fashion model, Amour Vert, which means “Green Love” in French, has clothing manufactured in America and uses non-toxic dyes and sustainable fabrics. They actually have an informational page about the fabrics they use. For example, they use authentic Indian silk, organic cotton, and Merino wool for many of their products. Their clothes are a little more fashion-forward than Alternative Apparel, and you can find some pretty stunning pieces.

Shop here: amourvert.com

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3 People Tree

clothing, day dress, fashion model, dress, shoulder, People Tree has won several awards for sustainable fashion, and has even collaborated with Emma Watson for a clothing line. Their website has a section called “Who Made Your Clothes”, which I really love. You can click on one of their clothing lines, and learn all about the region it was made in, the processes that were used, and the team who created it. For example, their Fusion clothes are created by a team in Mumbai, India and use organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Shop here: peopletree.co.uk

4 Siempre Viva

Siempre Viva works with artisans in indigenous areas of Mexico. Local individuals who have skills such as weaving and sewing are hired and paid fair wages. The clothes are hand-embroidered and have Mexican influences in the design. This is truly uniqe sustainable fashion.

Shop here: siemprevivaclothing.com

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5 ModerNation

sitting, furniture, beauty, fashion model, leg, One thing that makes ModerNation unique is that it upcycles vintage clothing to create responsible pieces. Because of this, inventory is unique and usually limited to one piece, but it is also updated frequently. You can guarantee that nobody will be wearing the same clothing as you!

Shop here: shopmodernation.com

6 Mata Traders

clothing, blue, dress, fashion model, outerwear, Mata Trader’s colorful clothes are created by hand in India and Nepal, and provide a stable source of income for local families. I am obsessed with their gorgeous prints! They are definitely making their mark as an ethical, sustainable brand.

Shop here: matatraders.com

7 Fair Indigo

clothing, blue, blazer, jacket, outerwear, Fair Indigo’s tagline is “Style With a Conscience”, and for good reason. One section of their website is called “Shop Your Values”, and you can choose to browse items that are organic, fair-trade, USA Made, Recycled, or 100% Cotton. This is a really awesome feature that I wish all websites had!

Shop here: fairindigo.com

8 Lav & Kush

clothing, fashion model, leg, joint, jeans, Lav&Kush strives to use sustainable fibers, such as hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton, to create soft and luxurious clothing. Each piece will stand the test of time, and will both look and feel amazing for years to come. No falling apart in the wash here!

Shop here: lavandkush.net

9 Threads 4 Thought

clothing, shoulder, fashion model, dress, shoe, Threads 4 Thought was originally launched as an eco-friendly T-shirt company, but has gradually included other essential clothing items. They stayed true to their roots by continuing to produce sustainable clothes. For instance, they use low-impact reactive dyes, and recycle up to 80% of the water used in production. Their clothes are fairly basic, but they have an awesome active wear section. Definitely check out their leggings!

Shop here: threadsforthought.com

10 Huay Wasi

clothing, dress, day dress, fashion model, fashion, Huay Wasi was created by six women in Peru who wanted to wanted to educate and empower women by helping them develop sustainable artisan skills. They also strive to recognize the value and beauty of women, no matter what their race, size, or background is. This is a message that I can truly stand by.

Shop here: huaywasi.com

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