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There are so many fantastic reasons to organise a clothes swap. We all love new clothes, but in these times of austerity may not have the budget to buy them. So why not get something 'new' from your friends? You can also get rid of those garments you've never worn or don't like any more. Everyone wins! Here are some wonderful reasons to organise a clothes swap …

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New Wardrobe on a Budget

One of the best reasons to organise a clothes swap is that you can get a fab new wardrobe on a budget. When housing and bills take up most of your salary, there's little left for clothing, but even girls on a budget can look good thanks to a clothes swap. So why not organise one, so that you and your friends can get great new outfits at no expense?


Get Rid

A wardrobe swap is a good excuse to get rid of things that don't fit, you don't like or that you've never worn. They may be just perfect for someone else, so take them to a swap instead of allowing them to clutter up your wardrobe. There's bound to be a number of items that you rarely (or never) wear. Swap them for some clothes that you'll love and wear a lot.


Reduces Waste

Do you throw perfectly good clothes in the trash, rather than take them to a charity? It's estimated that Americans each throw away 68 pounds of clothing annually (source: nrdc.org). Taking them to a clothes swap instead helps reduce the amount of textile waste. Obviously you can't swap damaged items, but you could have a table for 'extras,' where anything that could be repaired or refashioned can be taken by whoever wants it.



Clothes swaps are a great way of helping out charities. There are two ways in which a swap can help. You could take an entrance fee, which will raise money for a special cause - either a local cause or a national charity. Also, any unwanted items at the end of the swap could be donated to a charity, either to sell or to a homeless shelter/women's refuge.



Having a clothes swap is a great chance to get together with your friends, as well as meet new people. If each of your friends invites someone else, there will be several people that you haven't met yet. You can have a really fun evening, as well as get some lovely new clothes.


Chance to Experiment

Clothes swaps also give you the opportunity to experiment with new styles and colors. You may find items there that you'd never have thought of wearing, but you could discover that they suit you very well. Take a chance - even if you decide later that you don't like the item after all, you haven't wasted any money and you don't have to return it.


Kids Clothes

Kids grow so fast, and it's expensive to keep buying new clothes. Often they grow out of clothes that have had very little wear. So if your family is in need of new outfits, organise a children's clothes swap with other local families.

A clothes swap is fun, sociable, and adds some lovely new items to your wardrobe. It's so satisfying to snaffle something you love and go on to wear all the time. So why not organise a swap for your friends? What is your best clothes bargain?

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This looks good but less likely I would short or share my heels and flats

I did this! it was great fun! You need a good number of people with similar sizes. We donated everything left behind to a distaste relief effort for the Philippines :)

Organize was misspelled in the title

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