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There are so many festival fashion must haves out there that really should be incorporated into every day style, don't you think? Minus the mud and lack of showering, of course! Here are some festival fashion must haves to try adding to your weekly wardrobe.

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Flowers It’s all about the flowers! Whether they are in your hair or by a floral patterned material, they are certainly one of the best festival fashion must haves. They bring a feminine touch to any outfit! Of course, dry shampoo will be your best friend at a festival, which means it gives your hair a floral smell to match this cute accessory. Even if after the festival you no longer want to wear the flowers, they make amazing room decorations!



Wellies Of course wellies are a must have at a festival, but why buy boring ones? There are so many different patterns out there! Plus you can use them afterwards to walk your dog. Wellies are a good investment as they will last you for years, and keep your good shoes out of the mud at festival time.



Kimono Kimonos are everywhere at the moment! They are great for when it’s hot, yet they give you shelter from UV rays and keep you from freezing at night. There are some really nice floral ones, or if your outfit is already floral why not go for a plain black or white kimono? Not only can you wear these at a festival, you can wear them at night. Pair it up with a crop top, skinny jeans and a pair of sexy heels.



Sunglasses Not only do they protect your eyes, they look amazing as well. Why not try some that you wouldn’t normally go for, just for fun? After all, festivals are for having fun, and you never know: you might find that you really like them and suit them. Plus, at a festival you probably won’t be looking your best in the morning, due to hours of dancing and lack of sleep. Sunglasses are the perfect remedy to this problem: you will look classy and fresh as a daisy.



Hats As we all know, at a festival your hair might not be in its best state. Covering it may be the only option. Why not try a bowler hat or a floppy sun hat? There are many in high street stores at the moment. You could even personalise yours to make it extra special. Why not incorporate two of the festival fashion must haves by adding flowers to your hat?

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Shorts While the weather is hot you don’t want to be wearing a lot of clothes, yet a skirt is impractical. Why not try some figure flattering high-waisted shorts. They not only look good they hold in your stomach, so after a few beers or ciders you will still be looking fabulous.


Crop Top

Crop Top I love crop tops, especially when you are wearing high- waisted clothes; it means that you can show off some skin but not too much. Try wearing them with some high-waisted jeans or pyjama-style pants. They are perfect for the summer weather and there is a huge variety available.

Festival fashion is extremely versatile - you can wear it on the beach and to go shopping, so even if you aren’t going to a festival this year, you can steal the style and look just as amazing. Do you have any festival fashion must haves?

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