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I love to wear things with floral print for spring! With much warmer weather and more sunshine, florals just make everything better! Lucky for us, there are lots of things with floral print this spring. Here are some of my favorite items with floral print for spring, all of which you can get from Free People.

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Falling Flowers Robe

Falling Flowers Robe This light little robe is one of my favorite pieces with floral print for spring. I love the color, and how sheer it is. It's my new favorite layering piece!


Fern Leaf Crown

Fern Leaf Crown Okay, so a crown of leaves isn't technically a floral print, but it's so gorgeous I had to include it! It's the ultimate boho hair accessory - imagine this with loose beach waves, or to top a loose, wispy fishtail braid.


Rosalita Printed Maxi Skirt

Rosalita Printed Maxi Skirt I am absolutely in love with this maxi skirt and the very pretty floral pattern! There are plenty of bright florals out there this season, including this one - it's timeless, so you'll be wearing this skirt for years to come.


Printed Balloon Sleeve Jacket

Printed Balloon Sleeve Jacket Spring mornings and evenings can be chilly, so a light jacket, especially one with a pretty floral print, is just the thing. This one comes in two colors choices, blue or coral, so you can take your pick!


FP New Romantic Embroidered Tank

FP New Romantic Embroidered Tank I love this flowy spring top with gorgeous unique embroidery. It is an oversized flowy top that will look great with some fun shorts. I really love how the details are on the back, too, and the colors are very light and fun!


Cassie Kimono

Cassie Kimono This floral print kimono top is adorable! The crochet lace trim adds a cute touch to this top. It is oversize though, so keep that in mind when ordering it. This would be a great loose and gorgeous looking top to wear with leggings.


Lydia Tube Dress

Lydia Tube Dress Doesn't this dress look comfortable? And I love the sun-washed colors, and the delicate floral print. It's very simple, so you can wear it with so many of the cardigans and accessories you already have, without it looking too busy.


Pleated Tent Dress

Pleated Tent Dress I think that tent dresses are really gorgeous because they are loose and breezy. This floral pattern is very pretty, and the lace trims complement the delicate pink flowers.


Flower Bomb Slip Skirt

Flower Bomb Slip Skirt When I don’t feel like choosing a dress to wear, I always reach for my skirts. This cute mini skirt has a beautiful floral lace pattern and a silky back. I love how the model is wearing this bodycon skirt with a loose white sweater.


Printed Petal Blooms Cami

Printed Petal Blooms Cami Camis are some of my favorite things to wear during spring. This sheer and lightweight cami has a pretty floral print. The delicate lace at the bust makes this top perfect for a romantic date, too!


Spring Fever Dress

Spring Fever Dress This bright dress is adorable for spring, and the ruffled hem helps show off your fun style! I like this dress in the ‘juicy’ pattern, but if you are looking for a darker floral dress, the ‘midnight’ is really pretty also. I would wear this dress with some leather sandals, as the dress is pretty bold.

These are some of my favorite items with floral print for spring. Would you use or wear any of these items? Which brand makes your favorite floral print items?

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I love the leaf crown! And the tube dress is cute too!

I want that falling flowers robe! Where can I get one!

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