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I spend a lot of my time outdoors in the winter, so I’m always looking for ways to layer during those cold months. It can be hard to stay stylish during the winter. Things can get bulky quickly when you’re trying to stay warm. However, these tips for layering in the winter will keep you both warm and fashionable this season!

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A Sweater over a Button-down

A Sweater over a Button-down This is one of the most classic ways to layer clothes in the winter, but it’s a classic for a reason, in my opinion. Pair your favorite button-down with a well-paired cardigan, and not only will you look super chic, but you’ll be adding extra layers for maximum warmth!


Wear a Statement Scarf

Wear a Statement Scarf Because I live somewhere where scarves are basically a necessity for survival in the cold-weather months, I’m always looking to mix it up in the scarf department. Especially when most other outerwear during the winter is quite drab, a statement scarf can completely change a look while ultimately keeping you warm and away from the elements!


Wear a Cape-Coat

Wear a Cape-Coat I don’t know about you, but I’m still drooling over that cape-coat that Taylor Swift wore while prancing around New York a few months ago. In my opinion, she not only started a new trend, but also came up with the perfect way to rock layers without sacrificing a good outfit. Since she wore her own cape-coat, it seems like every store has come up with its own options, making it a more accessible piece than ever!


Brighten Things up

Brighten Things up If you’ve ever seen The Mindy Project, you were probably struck by just how much color Mindy Lahiri wears, especially when the show takes place in New York City, a city that isn’t necessarily known for its warm winters. However, she’s always dressed in bright coats and crazy prints. Don’t be afraid to mix bright colors and prints in the winter. If you love color but don’t feel comfortable wearing it in the winter, take a few notes from Mindy Lahiri and mix your colors and prints with confidence!


Go Hat Crazy

Go Hat Crazy Hats are another easy way to add some layers to your look without sacrificing your style. Simply add a hat to any outfit to keep warm while also adding a few new elements to one of your favorite looks. Sometimes hats are necessary in the winter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find cute hats that coordinate with your outfits!


Wear a Cozy Sweater

Wear a Cozy Sweater I’m sick of being judged for wearing cozy sweaters in public. They don’t make you any less put-together, and they also do a wonderful job of keeping you warm. I especially love them on those cold days where you just don’t want to get out of bed. If I must get out of bed, at least I’ll have a cozy sweater to layer with my outfit!


Leggings under Pants

Leggings under Pants Okay, I know that this isn’t the most fashionable tip to layer your outfits, but hear me out. If you have a long, outdoor commute and can’t figure out how to keep your legs warm, wear a few layers on your legs. Whether that means adding tights underneath your leggings or leggings underneath your pants, it’s an easy way to wear your favorite clothes while also staying super warm!

What are your tips for layering during the winter? Give me some ideas in the comments!

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I love the cape outfit!

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