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It can be quite the challenge trying to figure out how to stay stylish when you’re also dealing with cold weather. As someone who’s not a fan of cold weather, I often find myself forgoing fashion in order to stay warm when I need to be outside for long periods of time. Thankfully, that doesn’t need to be the case anymore, though, because I curated this list of tips for styling your cold weather accessories. These tips and tricks are sure to come in handy when you’re looking to stay stylish in the cold weather this year!

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Make Your Hat a Part of Your Outfit

Make Your Hat a Part of Your Outfit So often, we consider hats to solely be for when we’re outdoors, whether we’re playing in the snow or commuting to work. Regardless, your cold-weather hats don’t need to be reserved for outdoor wear. You can coordinate them with your entire outfit and wear them for the entire day as just another aspect of your outfit!


Turn Your Socks into a Statement

Turn Your Socks into a Statement Socks are a necessary part of staying warm and surviving the winter. That being said, you don’t need to hide them away in your boots. Instead, find longer socks so that they can peak out at the top of your boots. They’ll add a little something to a typical cold-weather outfit, especially if you love brightly colored socks!


Wear a Snood

Wear a Snood When you live somewhere as cold as where I live, you’re constantly looking for ways to stand apart from the crowd during the cold weather. Everyone’s just trying to survive the cold, but with a snood, you’ll make a fashion statement and stand out from what everyone else is wearing!


Go Crazy with Tights

Go Crazy with Tights If you love wearing tights, invest in different textures and colors to spice up your usual winter staples. Everyone has those outfits that they gravitate towards when the ice, snow, and cold really gets brutal. You can mix up your usual winter outfits with a variety of different tights in your arsenal!


Coordinate Accessories

Coordinate Accessories In the winter, staying warm can sometimes come first to staying fashionable. As a result, we can often just reach for the closest hat, scarves, and gloves when we’re rushing out the door. Fight that urge, and instead try to come up with combinations of hats, scarves, and gloves that match and complement one another.


Branch out from the Beanie

Branch out from the Beanie Most people automatically reach for a beanie when they’re trying to stay warm in the winter. Rather than be like everyone else, try a different style hat out. There are so many different styles that could keep you just as warm, or you could even try out ear warmers if that’s something you’ve wanted to try out!


Mix It up

Mix It up While you can always coordinate your cold-weather accessories, maybe you want to deliberately mix it up. Pick pieces from your cold-weather accessory arsenal that go together without matching too much. If you pride yourself in your different and quirky style, then mix up your cold-weather accessories by wearing something that no one else but you would put together!

What are you favorite ways to style cold-weather accessories? Let me know what you do to add some style to your winter clothes! I’ll be looking for new ideas in the comments!

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