108 Quirky and Eccentric Stylings of Paloma Faith ...


The stylings of Paloma Faith are stand out in a music scene where making an impression is not easy. Superstars hog the limelight as much for their fashions as their music. Amidst the elegance of Beyoncé, the edginess of Rhianna, the weirdness of Lady Gaga, the tomboyishness of Pink and the uniqueness of Gwen Stefani, the very quirky and oft eccentric stylings of Paloma Faith deserve their special place.

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March 2013

March 2013 Via FANFAIR: Hot Tracks

"I don't really feel I am of this time" Words out of the very own mouth of the British singer sum up the stylings of Paloma Faith. Outlandish but distinctive, Paloma's inspiration is the pin ups of the 1940s and 50s.


London Fashion Week, Feb. 2014

London Fashion Week, Feb. 2014 Via Paloma Faith A Perfect Contradiction ...

Her headwear and hairstyle are always an eye-catching feature of her overall look. This is the outfit she chose to attend the Burberry Prorsum Show at London Fashion Week in February 2014.


Over the Top

Over the Top Via Instant Hairstyle Update: Hair Accessories

The looks from Paloma Faith just wouldn't be complete without a fabulous hairdo. The gold tulle headscarf is perfect against her flaming copper hair. (Shame about the black bobby pin.)


Cuban Fury Premiere

Cuban Fury Premiere Via Paloma Faith stays dry in ...

Pretty in pink on the red carpet. Everything is perfectly coordinated from her wooden platform shoes, Dolce and Gabbana dress, pink jacket, raspberry beret and flowery umbrella.


Front Row at Max Mara

Front Row at Max Mara Via Front Row at Max Mara ...

Paloma loves being front row and center at Fashion Week shows.

Famous Quotes

If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.


Bird Tattoos

Bird Tattoos Via A Guide To Music's Most ...

Loving the ombre.


V-festival in Chelmsford

V-festival in Chelmsford Via Dolce&Gabbana Celebrities

She took to the stage at the V Festival in her favorite designer Dolce and Gabbana.


Design Forum

Design Forum Via paloma

This was one of the shots done for the 2011 River Island Design Forum, of which Paloma was a member.


Cocktails at 8

Cocktails at 8 Via Fire Up Your Cocktail Repertoire ...

Always looks good in red on red.


Burberry Menswear Show

Burberry Menswear Show Via Style Set: The Week's Best ...

A lesson in how to wear Burberry.


London Fashion Week Feb. 2014

London Fashion Week Feb. 2014 Via Paloma Faith At The Vivienne ...

One of the more conservative looks from Paloma Faith, considering she wore it to the Vivienne Westwood show.



Pom-poms Via Paloma Faith

Crop top. Pom-poms. Sequined Jacket. It can only be Paloma Faith.


Running Errands

Running Errands Via Paloma Faith proves clashing your ...

It's obvious that Paloma's character is as fun as he


Marie Claire's 25th Anniversary Party

Marie Claire's 25th Anniversary Party Via Style

Fiery orange hair and red hat? Can only be Paloma.


Met Gala 2013

Met Gala 2013 Via All The Looks From The ...

A perfect blend of punk, drama and haute couture. Paloma's wearing a Michael Cinco gown and of course she's accessorized it in her own inimitable fashion.


BAFTAs 2013

BAFTAs 2013 Via LondonWarrior

After having arrived in a stunning Nicholas Oakwell gown (see # 28), Paloma stepped into this golden show stopper for her on-stage performance.


DJ-ing at Mahiki Club

DJ-ing at Mahiki Club Via Dolce&Gabbana Celebrities

Who else do you know who steps up to the DJ turntables wearing Dolce and Gabbana?


Brit Pop

Brit Pop Via Cool Britannia: Union Jack Fashion

Never afraid to fly the flag.



Mis-matched Via fashionableowl.blogspot.com

A cray-zee ensemble that probably only she could get away with.


Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014 Via harpersbazaar.com

I just can't help thinking ice cream for some reason. This was Paloma's outfit for the Armani Emporium show.



Contemplation Via Artist of the Week: Paloma ...

Purple and red? amazing!


Yellow Bustle Dress

Yellow Bustle Dress Via CELLAR DOOR LOVES..: Paloma faith

Sadly, I can't find anything out about this amazing dress.


Glamour's Women of the Year 2012

Glamour's Women of the Year 2012 Via hair-development.com

Paloma presented the award for Accessory Designer of the Year wearing this vintage inspired gown from Alice Temperley London.


Chili Pepper Skirt

Chili Pepper Skirt Via Fashion Trends - Shopping Guides ...

Paloma always has such fun with her clothes. Here she turns to her favorite label for a skirt from the D&G vegetable prints range.



LONDON FASHION WEEK - SEPTEMBER 2011 Via REISS Womenswear, Menswear & Accessories ...

Dare to be different. When Paloma turns up at London Fashion Week she grabs as much attention as the runways. She wore one of Sass & Bird's own prints to their show.


Lady in Red

Lady in Red Via Paloma Faith leaves the BBC ...

Change up. When the hair's not red, the outfit is.


London Fashion Week Spring 2014

London Fashion Week Spring 2014 Via Paloma Faith Wearing Ashish - ...

This gown from Ashish had a low draping waterfall back to show off her bird tattoos.


BAFTAs 2013

BAFTAs 2013 Via Fashion At The 2013 BAFTA's

Shimmering in a gown from Nicholas Oakwell.


Head Scarf, Vintage Style

Head Scarf, Vintage Style Via Punctured bicycle on a hillside, ...

Epitomizing the look she so adores.


Festival Headdress

Festival Headdress Via People

Who else could get away with a feather and floral headdress? Well if you're performing at Interlude, anything goes.



Poseur Via Amy Celeste Anderson



Pink Shaker Hat

Pink Shaker Hat Via Bright young thing: Paloma Faith ...

A River Island hat provides the perfect topper to a pink
ensemble for a spot of shopping in NYC.



Glamour Via Street Fashion I Adore

This graphic gown was her choice of outfit to attend a Mark William fashion show at the swanky Saatchi Gallery.



Fruity Via banginbetties.tumblr.com

Flirty and fun.


In Prabal Gurung

In Prabal Gurung Via wwd.com

It was only right that Paloma wore one of his creations when she was asked to sing at a party to toast Prabal Gurung's success.



Vintage Via mimosasforbreakfast.com

Can't you just see her in one of those glam 50's movies?


Wearing Stella McCartney

Wearing Stella McCartney Via WORST: Samantha Jade: Best and ...

Event was the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year 2013


Leopard Print

Leopard Print Via Paloma Faith

None of the looks from Paloma Faith say "I'm a shrinking violet".


Glamour Puss

Glamour Puss Via POP MUSIK By Dannyboi2

Worthy of an ad for expensive designer perfume.


In Diane Von Furstenberg

In Diane Von Furstenberg Via Who Wore It Better

Here Paloma dresses up "Jesse" with platforms and a huge lily in her hair.


Elegant in Black Armani

Elegant in Black Armani Via Paloma Faith

In a break from her usual bright colors, Paloma choose elegance in black with cascading blonde curls for a Giorgio Armani show during Paris Couture Week, January 2014.


Brit Awards 2012

Brit Awards 2012 Via Paloma Photostream

She just makes me want to sing "The boogie-woogie boy from Company B"


Bird Tattoos

Bird Tattoos Via paloma

Paloma is the Italian word for dove so it's a sweet statement that her tattoos are doves. I thought you might like to see them in all their glory.



Quirky Via Paloma Faith

Her skin is so fair.


Magician's Assistant

Magician's Assistant Via Paloma Faith's Swarovski Crystal Encrusted ...

Another completely unique look.


Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith Via dustytechnicolor.tumblr.com

A dovetail fan to echo the birds she loves so much. Only Paloma Faith could rock that headgear.


Big Flower

Big Flower Via Hardest of Hearts

Headwear by Neirida Fraiman.


Hair Rolls

Hair Rolls Via 1

A hairstyle to make you smile!


Matching Bag and Socks

Matching Bag and Socks Via Paloma Photostream

Most of us match bag and shoes!


Picking up the Pieces

Picking up the Pieces Via 29.media.tumblr.com

In the old days I'd have called this a shot for the record


Bunny Girl

Bunny Girl Via Paloma Faith

One of the eccentric looks of Paloma Faith from the "Can't rely on" video.


Performing Live at the Burberry a/W14 Show

Performing Live at the Burberry a/W14 Show Via Connecting to the iTunes Store.



Black and White

Black and White Via child-dizzy-on-lemonade.tumblr.com

Still stunning.


40's Fabulous

40's Fabulous Via Glitz and Glamour Makeup: Model ...

And just as stunning in color.



Gold Via Paloma Photostream

Paloma Faith attends the Keep A Child Alive Ball at The Roundhouse on June 15, 2011


Ad for Tia Maria

Ad for Tia Maria Via RELATIONSHIP NEWS: Paloma Faith splits, ...

Dark and sultry. Just like the drink.


Cherry Headband

Cherry Headband Via misswoody: I LOVE HER. cherry ...

Mad. Totally. Mad.


Look at Me

Look at Me Via bernstockspeirs.com

Everything clashes but the overall effect is pleasing.


In the Mirror

In the Mirror Via paloma

Still looks gorgeous when conservatively dressed


Retro Rolls

Retro Rolls Via Paloma Faith is known for ...

She always looks so infectiously happy.



LBD Via vogue.com.au

She could never do just basic black.


Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes Via The showgirl next door: Singer ...

And when she's not wearing pompoms in her hair, she's wearing them on her feet.


Burberry Celebrations in Shanghai

Burberry Celebrations in Shanghai Via Wearing Burberry

A Burberry dress for a Burberry occasion.


Twilight Eclipse PREMIÈRE

Twilight Eclipse PREMIÈRE Via Paloma Faith at the Twilight ...

So naturally it's black, and naturally, it's from Dolce and Gabbana.


Print and Plain

Print and Plain Via THE BEST!

Never afraid to be different.



Sophisticated Via Paloma Faith

She looks fab when she underplays things - a little - too.


Show Some Leg

Show Some Leg Via ifuckinlovepaloma.tumblr.com

She's got quite a pair of pins!


Brit Awards 2011

Brit Awards 2011 Via Beautiful People

Emerald green is so vibrant with that hair color.


Comic Relief 2013

Comic Relief 2013 Via Don't Cha wish you had ...

Dolce and Gabbana print top and leather waterfall skirt for the relief concert.


Perfect in Pepper Print

Perfect in Pepper Print Via Paloma Faith plucks a pepper ...

Another D&G outfit. (Interview in Tatler Magazine)


Bright Orange Hair

Bright Orange Hair Via Anne Hathaway's cute clip

You'll definitely see her coming.


Save the Arctic

Save the Arctic Via Vivienne Westwood's Save the Arctic ...

Showing her support for the Vivienne Westwood campaign.


Toilet Roll Holder

Toilet Roll Holder Via sartorial

I don't know if you have them in the USA or elsewhere but it's quite a "granny" thing in the UK to hide the spare toilet roll under a doll in a crocheted or knitted dress. I love all of the looks from Paloma Faith - except this one. Not cool my lovely.


Wearing Nanette Lepore

Wearing Nanette Lepore Via Vintage- styles I like & ...

I think when Paloma moves away from her beloved D&G, it's quite obvious why she has. For this, it has to be the incredible red color.


Black Mermaid

Black Mermaid Via Paloma Photostream

Guess which designer? (You only get one guess!)


Isle of Wight Festival

Isle of Wight Festival Via people

There's that red again.


MAC and Carine Roitfeld's Paris Fashion Week Ball

MAC and Carine Roitfeld's Paris Fashion Week Ball Via fashionista.com

Can't find any details about the dress but it's bound to be D&G.


Minnie Mouse Fur

Minnie Mouse Fur Via ♚ ᕼᗩᐯᕮ ℱᗩᓰⓉᕼ

Don't worry ladies, the fur is fake.



Checks Via Paloma faith x

Great outfit for a day at the office. If your office is a recording studio and you're a super hot British songstress. (Glad to see her bottle of water. She knows a girl has to stay hydrated.)


Leaving the Playboy Club

Leaving the Playboy Club Via Paloma Photostream

I've love to know what she carries around in her vanity
case handbags. (Especially when she takes it to a nightclub.)


All the Colors of the Rainbow #1

All the Colors of the Rainbow #1 Via theverysimong.com

And that's just the top half!


ALL the COLORS of the RAINBOW #2

ALL the COLORS of the RAINBOW #2 Via 25.media.tumblr.com

Here's the whole outfit.


Julien Macdonald London Fashion Week Show 2013

Julien Macdonald London Fashion Week Show 2013 Via Paloma Faith wins most stylish ...

D&G gets another outing.



BURBERRY PRORSUM WOMENSWEAR S/S14 SHOW Via Sienna Miller flirts up a ...

I think this color palette is simply awesome.


London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 Via Dress Me: Style Icon: Paloma ...

A roller case as well as a handbag? As she is on her way to the front row at the Ashish show, you can't help but wonder...


The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show Via Hair Crushes

She lit up the set of the TV show.


Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith Via Emma Watson at a BAFTA ...

This nod to burlesque dress is simply fab-u-lous.


Fall to Grace Tour, Jan 2013, Scotland

Fall to Grace Tour, Jan 2013, Scotland Via Music videos, reviews, latest releases ...

Figure-hugging PVC. This screams "Diva" from "Fifth Element" to me


British Comedy Awards 2011

British Comedy Awards 2011 Via Twenty-Five Crazy, Glorious Paloma Faith ...

Pretty pillbox hat.


Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2011

Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2011 Via Paloma Photostream

No red carpet looks from Paloma Faith would be complete without a fancy hairstyle or elaborate headpiece.


Fall to Grace Tour Jan 2013, Manchester

Fall to Grace Tour Jan 2013, Manchester Via That could have been embarrassing! ...

Acid green fishtail complements the coppery-golden curls perfectly.


Beautiful Petticoat

Beautiful Petticoat Via Celebrities

Showing off her pins.


Live at the O2 Arena

Live at the O2 Arena Via fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net

Ballsy, quirky, funny and very entertaining. Did you notice her microphone is encrusted with Swarovski crystals?


Fascinator to the Max-PR Shot for Paloma Faith for Shu Uemura Makeup

Fascinator to the Max-PR Shot for Paloma Faith for Shu Uemura Makeup Via Paloma Faith

The Paloma Faith for Shu Uemura makeup collection features 4 basic products for a vintage-inspired makeup


PREMIÈRE of Keith Lemon: the Film

PREMIÈRE of Keith Lemon: the Film Via This Week's Best Dressed

Ok - so sometimes she doesn't get it right. I like the style but not the color mix.



Unsuccessful? Via Paloma Photostream

She just doesn't do pants as well as dresses and skirts does she?



Absorbing Via Dressim: Fashion Upside Down - ...

But when she gets it right (99% of the time), it's brilliant.


At London Fashion Week, Sept. 2013

At London Fashion Week, Sept. 2013 Via Lily Cole opens Vivienne Westwood's ...

I know she loves D&G but she just seems to have a natural affinity with Vivienne Westwood.


Isle of Wight Festival 2013

Isle of Wight Festival 2013 Via fuckyeahchickmusicians

Always wows the crowds, musically and stylistically.


Shopping in Soho, London

Shopping in Soho, London Via Paloma faith

Now that's what you call an outfit to go shopping in.


London Collections: Men SS15

London Collections: Men SS15 Via Dip Dye Hair Inspiration

So confident that she can wear her ombre with dark roots.


Dolce & Gabbana 5th Ave Flagship Opening

Dolce & Gabbana 5th Ave Flagship Opening Via harpersbazaar.com

An event Paloma definitely wouldn't miss.



Pin-up Via secretsalons.com

Quote - "My hair's brown but I'm into that 1950's pin-up stuff and you can only have blonde, red or black hair..."


Winter Coat

Winter Coat Via Inspiration

Fierce 1940's style shoes and yet another case style handbag.


Print to the Max

Print to the Max Via pinterest.com

Too much? Nah - not when it's beautifully coordinated.


London PREMIÈRE of "Dark Shadows" May, 2012

London PREMIÈRE of "Dark Shadows" May, 2012 Via Paloma Photostream

Stunning smile!


Polished Umbrella Dress

Polished Umbrella Dress Via ifuckinlovepaloma.tumblr.com

I wish I could tell you who made this dress but I failed to find out.


Paloma Faith Rock Star

Paloma Faith Rock Star Via Paloma Faith

And to end, I thought I'd share with you the inspiration for the stylings of Paloma Faith in her own words.

"I’m inspired by the queens of tragedy – Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf and Judy Garland. Then throw a bit of Nick Cave, Etta James and PJ Harvey into the mix, add all my influences from avant garde cinema and you start to come close. My visual style is fancy dress as I never grew out of dressing up boxes! My early performances were David Lynch meets William Blake at the circus. Welcome to my world…."

What's your view on the looks from Paloma Faith - love them or hate them?

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