9 Fall Fashion Trends for Short Women ...

Fall fashion trends for short women are not much different to those for all other heights. But when dressing for certain trends, it doesn’t hurt to consider things like body shape in order to create the most flattering looks. When we first take notice of trends, they’re usually on the catwalks and being modelled by women who are six-foot-enormous. Sometimes these looks don’t always translate to shorter, heck, even average sized folk. If you’re on the shorter end of things, check out the following fall fashion trends for short women!

1. Compact Handbags

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For more petite women, an oversized handbag can overwhelm your figure. Lucky for you, then, that compact handbags are having a trending moment right now. A small handbag looks much better proportioned than an oversized ‘it’ bag, and looks simply chic!

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