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7 Man Repelling Fashion Trends ...

By Megan

As coined by the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine, man repelling fashion trends are the trends women love to love and men love to loathe. As women we are all a little guilty of this, with pieces stashed in the back of our closets that frighten and scare men away. Women often tend to dress in a way that’s respected and admired by other women, throwing caution to the wind when it comes to the opposite sex. Dressing for fellow fashion lovers and not men is the standard of man repelling, so if your love life is suffering there could be a reason why. The man repeller always sides with what’s haute verses what men think and sacrifices love for designer duds. To save your love life and spinster status find out what the 7 man repelling fashion trends are and prepare to live happily ever after in style.

Table of contents:

  1. Harem pants
  2. Shoulder pads
  3. Uni-suits
  4. High waisted trousers
  5. Mixed prints
  6. Boyfriend fits
  7. Confusing footwear

1 Harem Pants

Drop crotch harem pants may have looked good on MC Hammer, but you can bet your man doesn’t think they look good on you. For him, this trend is more confusing then ever. Are they sweatpants? Are they leggings? What are they? He definitely doesn’t understand the roomy and baggy crotch with tapered legs and ankles. It even sounds confusing and unflattering! Although they are definitely comfortable and cool looking, harem pants also make you look like you’re wearing a giant adult diaper so unless you’re halfway to a nursing home, maybe save your harem pants for lounging around at home.

2 Shoulder Pads

Guys associate shoulder pads with one thing and one thing only: sports! Even if the '80s are back and you aren’t pairing your bold shoulder pads with bad teased hair, your man is definitely still going to think you’re one of the guys in this ensemble. There can be nothing worse than looking like a linebacker, even if it is your guy’s favorite sport. Unless you want to be invited to football practice, it’s best to avoid anything with shoulder pads, especially since they can make some silhouettes unbalanced and disproportionate.

3 Uni-Suits

Uni-suits typically involve anything that is one garment. This includes full-length jumpsuits, unitards, overalls, rompers, playsuits, etc. Uni-suits are an infantile trend that reminds your man of childhood and he relates all uni-suits with babies. Unless you’re married or in a committed, long-term relationship, chances are your man isn’t thinking about babies, so best not to dress as anything that reminds him of one. Uni-suits also aren’t very flattering and can make your behind look anything but what it actually looks like, so steer clear of the uni-suit.

4 High Waisted Trousers

Anything above your natural waistline is a natural man repeller. High waisted trousers scream mom jeans or retro throwback. Not to mention they show off a multitude of sins and are generally unflattering on moms and fashionistas alike. Avoid looking matronly or dated and just leave high waisted trousers out of the equation.

5 Mixed Prints

Bold prints tend to generally confuse the male population. The average guy can find that this trend doesn’t show off a woman’s assets like clothing is supposed to. Uber high fashion forward trends like print mixing can throw a guy off, as your ensemble can be overwhelming and too busy for his taste. All over prints can sometimes make female figures appear larger or unflattering. If you don’t want to sacrifice style for your love life, try sticking to just one printed piece like a floral trouser with a basic, solid blouse to uncomplicate things for your man.

6 Boyfriend Fits

Boyfriend fit anything instantly repels men. The cut and style of boyfriend fits are meant to be loose and relaxed, which again do not show off a female’s best assets. One thing men are more turned off by than baggy clothes on a woman is the name boyfriend fit. If your boyfriend wanted to you to be wearing anything boyfriend, he would probably have himself one and wouldn’t be interested in any of your ladylike or feminine qualities. Fashionistas tend to label this trend as “borrowed from the boys,” but if your boyfriend wanted to date men, he would. If you must wear an ultra comfortable and trendy boyfriend fit, opt for a cardigan with fitted and slim pieces to create a womanly silhouette that also creates balance and proportion to your figure.

7 Confusing Footwear

Shoes that are too over the top, too avante garde and definitely too high will repel men faster than a speeding bullet. Men understand simple, sleek and sophisticated footwear rather than shoes that can make you look like a walking circus. Especially if you and your guy are around the same height or especially if you’re taller, confusing footwear will just make your man feel insecure and self-conscious about his own height. If you must wear embellishments on your shoes, try minimal spikes, studding or jewels for a little touch of man repelling fashion in the shape of fancy footwear.

From powerful prints to fantastical footwear, these head to toe man repelling fashion trends scare off the opposite sex and leave them running in the opposite direction. These sartorial offenders are the fashion trends women find appealing and men decidedly don’t. Would you wear any of these man repelling fashions? What other trends do you think repel men?

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